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Thursday, November 17, 2011


On November the 3rd one of our cow got triplets, but it's old news for most of you. I went about my daily business of caring for them the best I could and carried on as usual with my other chores and normal routine. I even managed to cut some remaining dried standing vegetation from several flower beds but didn't had the time to pick the debris for my compost so it's still there on the ground.

Three cold and wet trembling little triplets calves waiting for warm blankets to keep them warm through the night.

What I didn't know was who cared if we got three cute baby calves who were triplets. All I knew was that I had 6 new calves to feed and that they wanted to be fed all at the same time. Triplets, twins and a single calf. Thank goodness calves don't wear diapers. $$$ ...

For the sake of taking a family photo I had to take the divider out of their individual pens. I think that this is possibly my best picture. They were constantly moving and really difficult to get them to pose for the camera.

My serene little world came crashing into reality a few days later when news got out of the birth of the triplets. How did it all started you might want to know? At our church, that's where. Our church was having parishioners gathering for picture taking for the Church directory and there was a woman's leadership workshop that I knew that I didn't had time to participate so I mentioned to some ladies there that I had new born triplets, a set of twins and a single calf all born recently and that I was expecting more to be born any day and I was too busy to do things for the church.

One of the woman present has a husband who is a professional photographer for CBC  News and she told him.

They visited the farm and he asked for my cell number so he could contact me to take pictures. No problem. He came with a reporter the next day and for about two hours filmed my husband and I tagging our 6  new calves for registration and identification. I had to photograph the calves on both side and also the head with ear tag number for the registration certificates. Then they took pictures of the calves with my husband and I and asked for an interview etc. I had no idea what I was in for. I've been on TV and newspapers and on the CBC Radio many times over the years and it was just small everyday stuff. So I didn't expect anything more.

I had some errands to run up town and down town and you know me, when I'm in the area I scoot over to Value Village to hunt for little treasures. I had to gas up, go to the insurance place and get some grocery and while in Value Village my cellphone rang and it was a reporter requesting an interview. It was a reporter  for  CBC Radio in St John N.B. and he wanted a phone interview. I arranged that he call my home phone at 3:00PM  as I had a funeral to go to at noon.
Since I didn't know how rare triplets calves are I decided to search Goggle  for triplets Holstein calves. I was shock at how rare it was and at beating all odds of having triplets of all the same sex that survived  and not only that they were gaining weight  rapidly. I was ready for him but I wasn't ready for the avalange  of interest this was going to generate. It hasn't stopped. Even I type this story the phone is ringing with people old and young who want to come and see the triplets for themselves.

My sister in law bought a local newspaper for us today and I'm on the front page with the triplets sucking on my fingers as I'm trying to round them up for the photographer. Not looking my best but the focus is on the triplets anyway. All through this frenzy I had to find time to pay my respect to the family of a close breakfast group friend  who passed away and for his funeral yesterday.
Just for fun today I asked my husband to Google Bourque Farm Triplet Holstein calves and  we were surprised that it had gone international. All the way to China, India, Holland, through out Canada and the States.

 People from Texas were calling family members here in Fredericton to let them know of the news and they in turn were calling our home phone. People I didn't even know.  Another lady who lives at the end of the lane from our farm also received a call from family member from the States to tell her what was going on right under her nose and she didn't know...  

Now you know why I've been so lagging behind blogger comments. I was up way past midnight last night trying to catch up.

I feel for those who are hounded by the media on a regular basis. It's no fun.  There's hardly time to eat or get things done. At least it's not a tragic event like the big flood of 2008 that caused so much damage to our farm or the time the barn collapsed under the weight of the snow trapping 70 cows on January 31, 2009. This is a blessed event and we are grateful.

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  1. So you got cowed into the interviews.

    At least the reporters were not mooching off of you.

  2. My Mother. International star.

    And it was "you know who" who posted that first comment. He was unable, for some reason, to post his usual Mira's papa name.

    Unplug the phone tonight. Celebrity hounders are no respecter of sleep schedules.

  3. That is so totally amazing. You went viral. Or the calves did.
    They are a beautiful bunch though. I can see how they would capture everyone's interest.
    I bet you are busy now. :) I mean you were before.
    Have fun. :)

  4. Julia, that is so cool. I didn't realize how rare your triplets were. Enjoy your new-found fame.

  5. Julia ~
    What fun! I guess that's your proverbial 15 minutes of fame. Like your daughter said, turn off the phone and get some sleep.
    Hugs :)

  6. Julia!!!! That is so awesome! I had no idea they were so rare. They are so shiney and beautiful.
    You are obviously doing a great job.
    It's so exciting to see that picture on the front page.
    Woohoo!!!!! I know someone famous!

  7. Oh my dear Julia how I have missed you! I am not in the least surprised that you made the headlines while I have been AWOL. lol
    If anyone deserves to be on the front page it is you my friend. Like I have mentioned before you never have a dull moment in your busy life.
    Congrats on your newborns but I can not imagine how you take care of them all.
    I came by to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comments and prayers for me and Christi. Without friends like you I would not be as far a long as I am tonight. I believe in the power of prayer as I know you do since you were so sweet to ask your fellow blogging buddies to pray for us. I can not thank you enough.
    One day I will be able to talk about this horrible thing that has happened but I need a little more time.
    Know that I think of you often and your in my prayers too.
    So happy that you are making headlines in a good way.
    Love ya

  8. Wowza!! I love this post! Your life is just amazing...fame...a small fortune in calves...and the greatest stories! I so enjoy visiting your blog!

  9. Julia,
    How awesome is that?! A little bit of limelight for your family and triplets. I think that shows that what might be mundane to you is soooo interesting for the rest of us.
    Thanks so much for all of your kind comments recently on my blog. I must say I got a better nights sleep and I'm feeling much more positive this morning.

  10. What beautiful little babies you have. I have always loved the face of a cow. You are so busy.
    All those little creatures to care for. How wonderful that they have captured all this attention.
    Don't know how you have time to comment. But thanks. I think I will make a banner from my houses.
    Rest when you can. (((((HUGS)))))

  11. How exciting! What a great post :). Hope your home settles down soon, but enjoy it while it's going on!

  12. Wow! You and the babies are famous! They are so adorable!!

  13. Julia... I love that the news got out about the triplets, finally something good to read about in the newspaper, and you look great...... just hope everything settles down for you, but do enjoy it while it is happening..... The pictures of the calfs are adorable...
    take care

  14. Cheri back to larkriseNovember 18, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    Julia, How exciting! I can hardly wait to tell my friends about a celebrity I know. Hugs Cheri

  15. such good news to get YOU in the newspaper! I'm sure we all agree that you handled this so well. and who knows how long you'll be able to ride the wave... and are any companies coming through with freebies? food etc? well you now know your farm is one of a kind, I find it very interesting to hear about your farm life!

  16. Cheri back to larkriseNovember 18, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    Hi Julia I looked on the web about the triplets. Faith Hope Love is that their name? You are famous! Cheri

  17. That is so neat!! How exciting to have a fun thing happen out of all your work! I love the picture of you and the calves on the front page of the paper. You are so dedicated to helping others that you deserve the limelight for a while! The calves are just got a great shot of them. Hope any new calves wait to be born until things aren't so busy for you. Good luck with sleep...and the media, Julia!!!

  18. Gosh Julia that is exciting. To think I know a celebrity ,well not really I know the celebrities keeper. I hope they continue to thrive.

  19. Those little babies are so darn cute!! Oh my gosh!
    Maybe you'll they'll offer you a reality show..Six calves and counting!

    Fun Post! What are their names?

  20. I am amazed at your stamina...and those celebrity triplets Wow just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your stories. Jill

  21. Triplets, how amazing Julia. I asked my dairy farm friends if they had ever experienced the birth of triplets and "NO" and "WOW" were their replies. Both of my sons began at the age of 12 working on local dairy farms, both were experienced with the aid of chains in delivery, but neither had delivered triplets, but a few twins. Both loved farm work and once confided in me they would work for free they enjoyed it so much. Today both are out of college and have good jobs, however, farming is what they truly love. We all here at Dog Trot Farm so enjoy reading your wonderful blog, congratulations on the triplets, you are now famous! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  22. So far behind in blog reading! What fun, Julia!

    They are so cuuuute.... ! and now famous....

  23. Oh my goodness.....I can only imagine how you have been is indeed a RATE event and people who love animals love this kind of news apparently.
    Being famous has it's hazards I am sure...but maybe somehow you can make some money off of this event. Enough to feed these guys day and night for a while maybe ?

    OH answer to your wanting a TUT on how I get that "tone" on those ROSE I recently posted on my blog.
    I use PhotoShop Elements 9 and I play with a number of the sliders to get the "tone" I want.
    Sometimes I am really lucky.

    There are no two photo's that I do the SAME alteration too usually.
    If you have Photoshop Elements 2,5 or 9,I could answer a few specific questions for you if you wish.
    Just email me.


  24. Congratulations on the triplets Julia! It's such a joy & LOL reading your blog. You have such a great karma to you, & that's because you are you. God Bless.

  25. Thank you all for the nice comments on the triplets.

    Yes I've been hounded by visitors and at every evening feeding they have an audience on average of 6 visitors. On Saturday it was 8 and yesterday it was 7. It's a challenge getting my work done effectively but I guess that's the price we have to pay for harboring celebrities. I even had two gentlemen coming to visit the calves this morning on my way home and had to turn back to the barn. I just had my breakfast at 10:00AM

    It's hard to believe how much they have grown already and are 18 days old today.

  26. Hi Julia.... Just want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...

  27. Woohoo!!! I heard about this on the news and told Hubs it had to be you. This is rare!

    I just wanted to wish you and your lovely family a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

    I also wanted to give ya a big old THANK YOU for hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya enjoy the ride!!1

    God bless :o)

  28. Julia honey I still can't believe you have so many babies to take care of.
    Hope you are not over doing it. I came by to check on you and see how your Thanksgiving turned out.
    Also wanted to thank you for being my friend and sending me such a sweet email. I will get around to writing you back soon.
    Things are quiet here today and can't believe it but its raining. lol
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend

  29. Wow Julia, that's great! Congratulations :)

  30. What incredible news!! I can just about imagine how frustrated you have been, dealing with all the news hounds and still trying to feed all those calves that want to eat at the same time. Honestly Julia, I just don't see how you manage to do it all, without losing your mind. If I wore a hat, it would be off to you. It is kind of fun though, to know that you actually broke some kind of a record with those cows of yours birthing tripletss. And to be on the front page? Wow, that is quite some event, I must say. Still, I'm sure you took it all in your stride and managed to get everything done. Are you losing sleep doing all of this? I sinceerely hope not. Just know that you have a lot of blogging friends that think about you often and wish you well. Love ya.............Darlene

  31. That is SO cool!
    I believe in signs. Three...must mean something
    special for you.
    Hope the meaning unfolds for you
    over the days to come
    with much love and grace and
    overwhelming peace:)

  32. Just dropped in for a visit. How are the triplets doing? They are just so cute. Hugs

  33. Thanks so much for coming by and sharing more with me about the triplets. I just love seeing their pictures and hearing how they are progressing.

    I can't believe they are already 26 days old. Seems like they were just born. Time moves on and the little ones grow quickly don't they?

    The list of blogs I follow magically appeared this morning...hopefully it will not disappear again.

  34. I loved reading your story about these triplets! (Kim from My Field of Dreams told me about your blog post) We have a dairy in PA...we have had a rash of twins this year. Neighbors of ours had triplet heifer calves a few years ago...I wonder if they know how unusual it is?!