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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I wonder what's going on with my blogger friends. Most are loosing their Holiday Spirit this season. They lost their Mojo, including me. Some even have lost their blogging Mojo...

It's not that I'm getting too old for Christmas,  joy is for everyone. It's the Grinch I tell you. That evil is up to no good in the heart of men and women and even children...

Why, he's so undermindedly  crafty that he stocks up the shelves and bins,  the minute Halloween is over. We don't even have time to take the decorations down, he rears his ugly head and dumps mountains of most hideous toys for boys and girls that they MUST have... He send Santa's wish list catalogues to those who have shopped in the past. The stores are overflowing with merchandise and every creation is done in overkill. Nothing is unique anymore. At every corner someone is collecting money for this and that...
I don't do crowds very well. I usually return home empty handed.

Music is blaring with subliminal message of spend, spend, spend. The thing that gets me is that all this starts so early that we don't have time to decompress from the previous holiday. Our list gets longer and more complicated every year.  We've forgotten why we celebrate Christmas. We are more rushed than in the past and more people are dysfunctional.

I have no clue as to what to give anybody for Christmas except one person.

What used to take me an afternoon to set the Christmas tree took me 5 days this week, really... It's no matter I thought that today was Thursday. Geez...

On Saturday I put the tree up and fluffed up the branches. On Sunday I put on the lights. On Monday I put on the garland. On Tuesday I took down the totes of decorations. Today on Wednesday I decorated the tree. I didn't take a picture as it was too dark. I didn't even turned the Christmas music on...

To me Christmas is family, food and laughter and the birthday of Jesus. I love the little traditions that gives it a bit of familiar for the family.

I'll find my MOJO back but I'm just saying...

In the mean time I"m having a little chat with Patrice   from Everyday Ruralty.

here are my answers to her questions.

1,  Yes I've had a blog slump but mostly not having enough spare time keeps me from posting.

2,  I love hot Chocolate with miniature marshmallow floating on top.

3,  When I think that I know a person that I can't place, I just tell them that I know who they are but I'm having a senior moment and have  forgotten their name as I know that it happens to most everyone and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

4,  I was born the 3rd in a family of 17 kids.

5,  I accumulate possession but I place myself somewhere between a pack-rat and a minimalist.  I do a cleansing on a regular basis depending on what possession it is.

Thanks for the chat Patrice.


  1. My goodness.......17 children. Wow.
    I do know how you feel. Esp. for the children. My kids said not to buy for them but just for the kids. The kids get everything they ask for. I'd much rather get one or two little meaningfull gift than another plastic toy that everyone else has. I cut way back with the cost of gifts this year. It has helped my stress alot.
    Although last week but more over every day life.
    I do not do crowds at all.
    I hope that we all take time to remember what this season is all about.
    Still can't believe you are one of 17, hah.
    May your Christmas be full of blessings.

  2. Your feelings about Christmas is a common theme I am hearing. We were forced into no decorations, parties,or shopping (I am doing a little on line)this year.And I have great Christmas mojo. The heat is off I bake cookies when I want to not when I need to. We have been watching Christmas movies together and listen to Christmas music now and then. This may be the best Christmas ever and we were forced into it:)

  3. Julia ~
    17 KIDS!!! OH MY! I can't even begin to imagine that. I hope you all get along.
    They do start Christmas WAAAAY too early and if I worked retail, I think I would hate the holiday. I stress myself every Christmas, but I have no one to blame but myself (grin).
    The older I get, the more I hate crowds and I absolutely HATE to shop.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugs :)

  4. Guilty as charged, I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving, but I'm back now! I love Christmas shopping even if we don't buy anything. I just love being out and about with all the hustle and bustle.

  5. I just think we live in a busy time. Much more than it used to be. It slows down come Jan-Feb.
    I loved your questions and do you know I wish I had known your Mom, 17 kids just amazes me. I wish I could have listened to her wisdom.
    I guess I just have to talk your ear off.
    I am glad you got your tree up.
    I hope you have a nice rest of the week.
    Hugs from me to you.

  6. Julia, you say it so well. I have the smallest list this year but I am making a bunch of homemade things so I am busy. I am so glad you blogged. Hugs

  7. Wow... when you post... you post! Glad to see ya! 3 outta 17? man.

    I have run away from home to avoid the holidays. You have said it well. I don't buy presents any longer or send out cards.

    If it's someone I want to keep in touch with, I call them. I don't want to spend money I don't have buying stuff for people who don't need or want anything I could afford to give them.

    I believe in homemade stuff... cookies or whatever. anything that just says ... hey and have a merry. and so forth.

    I buy for my two little g'babies -- they are at the age where anything that moves or makes a racket excites them... ;) AND irritates their parents... revenge! HAhaaaaa

    Last year I found an ornament that hadn't been packed... and hung it on the baker's rack in the kitchen...

    got some eggnog - put some Jack Daniels in it and that's about it. ... hope I improve with age ... but not likely ... I'm already old

    bah humbug - you're a mean one Mr. Grinch...

  8. Oh, Julia, I think we really need to get Christmas back to the basic simple things. It doesn't need months of preparation. I think that's what wears it out. By the time Dec. 25th arrives, we are so tired of all the getting ready, that the day itself is anticlimactic.

  9. I agree with Pat. We all need to go back to basics with Christmas. It is getting crazy.
    Lately I check the mirror to see if I'm green (because I feel so Grinchy) Lol

  10. I'm glad you joined us this week! Your statement on the commercial aspects of Christmas was right on. There is STUFF everywhere. Wants are everywhere. People are too busy. Yet in the quiet stillness, we can remember the best gift of all. The STUFF is distracting and we are people who seem to have trouble staying focused to start with.I truly wish that Jesus could be in all hearts this Christmas! Blessings, my friend.

  11. First thank you for your post,I sometimes feel as you do about it all,but I really have been trying hard to push it out of my way and make fun of it all ( the commercialism)and remember our vicars message from a few years ago. It had made him frustrated the glade commercial about lighting a candle and the scent would bring on the christmas spirit or something like that. He said the real smell of Christmas is afterbirth,manure, damp straw and freshly opened hay bales. So when I feel as you, I think that the back porch and laundry room are pretty close to perfect for Christmas.I do what I can and try to enjoy every momment as it is a time to rejoice, and be thankful for the birth of the Christ child, and for our families and friends, the rest is not important. I think it must have been wonderful growing up with all that family, but I imagine there where times you wished for solitude.May you find time or make time to have a cup of cheer and a good old Christmas movie and relax. Take care and thank you for your blog!

  12. 17 kids????
    You always had someone to play with didn't you?

    I'm not feeling the Christmas feeling yet. I don't have my tree up. I honestly haven't had the time. By the time a 12 hour shift is over, I'm beat.
    Need to get it up tomorrow.


  13. ahh, I love hearing about YOU. and time is certainly going faster all the time and I can NOT keep up!! sounds like that is happening with a lot of people. and WOW that is Family to be proud of!

  14. I'm praying for you Julia... I'm having so much fun that grinchy talk is just not allowed! ;)

    Third of seventeen? Wow! Wow!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Ah honey you sound like me this year but too depressed to even mention all that you did and of course it is all true.
    I miss decorating with family around me. If the kids were not coming Christmas day I would of not decorated anything this year but since my two grand babies are suppose to be here I put up my tree and decorated the mantles.
    I know you will get your MoJo back I just hope we both do. hahaha
    Can't believe I leave this evening for Iowa. Not a trip I am looking forward too but doing it for my friend so she does not have to go alone.
    Honey I am having another giveaway from a really neat company and I would imagine that they send things to your side of the world so if you get a chance do enter. I miss you and will pray for you while I am on my trip.
    Merry Christmas sweet friend