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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's funny how the temperature keep going up and down even at the end of November and tomorrow is time to already turn the page to December.

I've been wearing my long johns this year and they keep me warm. I've noticed that on cold days the kitties at the barn all cuddle real close on the hay to keep warm and cosy.

Here are some of my kitties having a snooze after filling their bellies. There were so many people coming with their cameras flashing to take pictures of the triplets  that I think they got used to the flash as I took three pictures and they never even moved a hair.

Pat W,  I just couldn't help myself and had to post this. You are such  a talented knitter that I was thinking of you when I saw this photo. I know what a  terrific knitter you are and thought that with the winter coming and all  maybe you could knit this for Zip and just extend the legs to just the right length for those cold winter days.

Kim got her special Santa shower curtain  and I thought that you needed something special too.  Zip could really spice up your life with this and keep warm all at the same time.

 I thought this would give you lots of time to knit it by Christmas. Even old folks like us need some little spice in our lives don't you think.   Better move that loom upstairs and start knitting.

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  1. HAHaaaaa, Julia! ... love the the kitties! sooooo cute and the guy panties... HAhaaaa... jeeez that's funny.

    I know a knitter or two .... you mind if I share that with them? One knits mainly socks... all kinds of fun socks... the other knits whatever.

    And, hello December... not ready - bah humbug

  2. OH my gosh you totally got me here. I was thinking of more pictures of those darling cats and the wham. hahahaha
    You crack me up girlfriend
    Thank you so very much for that comment you left me today and you are so right especially about who might read my site.
    I had more tears and sadness today again for Christi on top of all this other she was laid off from her job. I am starting to really worry about her now. Gosh tell your cats to move over I could use a good sleep like their getting.
    Love you

  3. Oh my gosh, Julia! I think my face would be red while I was knitting that!!! Hahaha! Now who is doing the modeling??? I showed it to Zip and he got a big laugh out of it!

    What a pile of kitties! It was interesting to read your comment on my blog about the explosion of feral kitties. We are having the same problem. Two years ago there were a few cats in the neighborhood that passed through occasionally. One of the females stayed around our house, eating scraps that we tossed out for the birds. Now we have about a dozen who live outside, many of her offspring and others that have wandered in and stayed. Yeah, we feed them because we don't want them to starve. Neutering would be difficult and expensive.
    We would have to trap them somehow because all but a few are wild and untouchable.
    I wish I could save them all!

  4. aw Maggie... hate to hear that! My blog hasn't shown an update for you! Can't trust m'blog!

    Julia? I can't stand it ... without your permission I'm posting this to my knitting pals... I don't think you'll mind ;) I hope

  5. Now my husband would think this is too funny too...I will try to remember to show him..he has already gone to bed for the night.
    Those kitty's have the right idea...cuddling to keep warm. But makes me want to put a blanket out there in the barn for them.
    I am glad you joined by other blog..and enjoyed the vintage postcards.

    Thank you,

  6. Cheri back to larkriseDecember 1, 2011 at 1:27 AM

    Lol Julia you totally surprised me Lol I can only knit . I don't know how to purl.Lol

  7. A side if Miss Julia that we don't know!! Very very funny! Love it!! You made my night, friend!

  8. Julia,
    I saw these somewhere else on the web too and funny thing I thought of Pat with her knitting! We must all think Zip needs some good protection from the PA winters!! LOL!
    I don't think I could knit them either I'd be laughing all the while!
    Do keep warm there while doing the chores! The kittens are adorable!
    Cathy G

  9. You got me! I'm still fanning my face... ;)


  10. Julia you never cease to amaze me. Sooo funny I want to know who is modeling it is someone pretty toned. Hope your keeping warm in your long undies.

  11. Oh my.....And I thought naked Santa was racy! LOL Can you imagine?? I hope Pat can find a pattern and make one of those for Zip. That is just too funny girl.

  12. Wow I about fainted when I saw that picture. I wonder if they do have knitting patterns like that?
    Your kitties all look so pretty and warm. People are still coming to take pictures? Wow, I bet you are so busy right now.
    It is nice to know what you have been doing.

  13. Well shock my modesty girl!!! Heeehehhee!!! Let me tell ya at seventeen here this mornin' Farm Boy might of enjoyed the warmth of those knickers!!!

    Ya can almost feel the warmth of that kitty pile there. Cute!

    Hey sweetie, I just wanted to congratulate you and let you know that you are the winner of the 'Sticky Readers' book over at my place.

    If you will email me (it's in my profile) with your address I'll get it to Margaret ASAP so we can get your book on the way.

    God bless ya and have a warm fuzzy kinda day!!!

  14. Congratulations to you as winner of Nezzy's book giveaway...

    Cool elephant pants...LOL...

  15. Hilarious!

    I love the snuggly kitties. They seem to know how to find the warmth anywhere.

  16. Oh my gosh I laughed. I have just begun to knit, but don't think I will tackle those.
    Sweet kitties.

  17. Julia ~
    OMG! What a hoot. Maybe I should learn to knit...lol!
    Hugs :)

  18. Those sweet kitties have the right idea.

    But those knitted shorts well, now those were a total surprise. Think I will call hubby in here and see if he would like you to knit him a pair of those. That is just hilarious! Hugs

  19. I am getting such a laugh out of this!! My husband is always freezing...and I'm a knitter...so...
    You are a riot!! Thanks for this laugh! You know I need it about now!!

  20. Wow, pretty funny,wonder how many of our men folk would wear them! Congratulations on winning Nezzy's book give away! I am new to your blog came by the way of Nezzy, sure glad I did really enjoyed it. I remember seeing your calves on the National a while back nice to read more about them and look forward to reading your posts.Keep warm and keep writing! Wishing you the best from the windy cool prairies.

  21. Too funny. I can't imagine how or where you found those knitted shorts!


  22. Lol, I saw this on Pinterest and thought that at least they should be long too :) The kitties are adorable :) We love kitties around here!

  23. Wow! Julia.... I'm reading about the sweet triplet kittens, and then your little knitting project. Oh my! Looks like quite the challenge, and would make a great white elephant gift at Christmas!!


  24. Make my day! I`m still laughing just thinking of the warm woolies. You do have a sense of humour to you Julia! thanks for sharing the creative & humourous warm ;)

  25. OMGoodness the kitties are so adorable but the undies..just too funny!