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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've got some more pictures from the 4th Maritimes Fiber Art Retreat to share. 

Judy was also in the fashion show. She was hooking next to me and her friend (who prefer not to be in the picture.) Judy was working on a very beautiful large rug, and the colors were so rich. A great favorite with everyone.

Here is Judy's beautiful rug all done in fine cuts.  I took a picture of it just before she rolled it up before leaving.

This ambitious lady was working on a Deanne Fitzpatrick design. This was a huge rug. The table set up with a display in the background was a tatting display where a very nice lady was teaching tatting. I was just too tired to even try to learn.  I'm hoping to try next year.

This quilt was on the display table. I never got my quilt done in time to put it on the display, hopefully I'll bring it next year.

A shawl and woven wool scarf made by the fiber artists. Notice the beautiful wool socks and the coaster to match the mug in the background.

A felted picture and some gorgeous cross stitches. (I just love that eagle) A shawl, a weaved mat . 

There were lots of piece quilts but I noticed that they were all machine quilted.

That purple quilt made it into he fashion show somehow.  A nice needle point  runner or hanging.

A weaved throw and I'm not sure what the other piece is. It could be a jacket, I'm not sure.  Maybe my daughter would remember. I was so tired that my memory was failing.

An assortment of rugs. This one looks like a Maud Louis style. Does anyone knows this pattern?

The star rug was made entirely of dyed t-shirts, the lovely felted lined tea cosy was said to keep the tea very hot for a long time.  I love that kitty rug. The Hot Flash woman website I didn't checked. I didn't thought that it belonged to that table. There was another table for advertisement and business cards.

Notice that the spinners are set up in a big circle in the big room. Most of the spinners were gone to eat at the first sitting at 5:00 o'clock.

This man was just taught how to drop spindle and then in no time was spinning on the wheel and making his own yarn. He knitted a hat  that he's wearing a scarf for his wife and something else.

This was a picture I took sitting down at my table showing only a portion of the room.

In this one I included two knitters at my table. They were there only for a day.  It was coffee and muffin time.
There were some tatting that I wanted to take pictures of but there were some people in my way and I intended to take some close up pictures later but I forgot. There was  beautiful piece of hardanger  work that was removed from the table before I took a picture of it.  Next year I'll take the pictures as soon as I can and I won't wait till the last minute.

I took this picture of my Childhood Memories rug showing the cloud watching memory  done. I got more hooking done but didn't take a picture.  and not showing is some hooking on the house.

This is it for this retreat. I missed taking pictures of felters making Easter bunnies for the grandkids.  I didn't get to see everyone work as it was so packed and I was determined to hook a bit since it had been so long since I had hooked.
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  1. Wow Julia, what a talented group of men and women. Everyone seems to have a smile on their face, always a good sign. I see you are making good progress on your memory rug, it is going to be lovely. Love those cool felted boots! Thank you for sharing, hugs Julie.

  2. That looked like a very fun event! Love seeing all the other fiber artists, too ~ the trouble is I would want to try it all!! Not the tatting ~ that never interested me much. But the spinning ~ those spinning wheels are beautiful to me!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Julia, I always enjoy your pictures and love to read your blog. Sorry I don't get to comment as much as I should! I love how the hookers in Canada seem to have made a protective band to put around the frame, at least that what it seems to be! I have noticed it in a few pictures. Is that what I think it is? i will have to make one for myself...Love reading about life on the farm, your house renovations and your hooking...

  4. so much talent and so many beautiful things in one room
    lucky you

  5. Love seeing your childhood memory rug again. Especially love your day-dreamy plaid pants. Cute!

  6. What a great idea for all those fiber lovers to gather at one event and share their passion and talents! Thanks for all the pictures!

  7. They are all so amazing! The hours and hours of work. WOW!
    I'm really partial to quilts. I think it's because I really want to learn how.

    It must have been so much fun. So glad you could be there.

  8. This is the most inspiring post for me! All that talent, and such a variety of fiber loveliness! Also, as I was scrolling down lusting over all those gorgeous hooked rugs, I was wondering about your childhood memories rug. And there it is! I simply adore this one Julie! It has such a charm to it, and also the fact that it's based on your memories as a child makes it so much more personal. Love it all!


  9. I love the pictures. It would be so much fun to be in that kind of setting.
    Just getting to look at everything. I do love any kind of fiber arts.
    So much talent.
    Your rug is looking very nice.
    You know it could be me and I know machine quilting is faster, but I do prefer hand quilting. I think it just looks the best.

  10. I loved all the pictures!! I feel like I was there and I wish I was one week to Sock camp.Yikes!

  11. Checking in! beautiful crafts.... amazes me to have that kind of patience and skill ... love your memory rug. ;)

  12. Thanks for sharing more pics of this event. It's amazing how talented people are and what they can create with cloth and imagination! I love the eagle hubby would love that too! Have a good weekend and enjoy Easter!

  13. Wow! What fun, I was exhausted just taking in everything that you photographed! Glad you got some work done on your rug, can't wait to see more. So much talent under one roof!

  14. My daughter inlaw spinned me place mats when she was like 20. I can throw them in the wash and they are still useable. She is in her 40's now. So you know how long they have lasted. I am in my young age of 71. (Tee,hee)

    So spinning wheels are awesome. The work after is so nice.

    What a crafy group.

    I mean the work is lovely.

  15. Beautiful! And so much fun to meet with other artists and enjoy their work.