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Friday, September 13, 2013


It's FRIDAY the 13th today and I cant believe it, I actually got a call from the SPCA this afternoon asking me if I could bring in the mother cat and her four kitties today after they had told me that I was put on a long waiting list and I would have to wait for quite a while.

Luckily my son had 2 carrier cages and I've set them out under the Gazebo as it's supposed to rain again and it's the only dry place around here. I cajoled the mother inside one of the cage and she ate the food and I left the door opened.  I washed the blanket they had in their old box and I've put it in the other cage although this picture was taken before the blanket was put in.

This is the first time the black ones have come near me while I was sitting down. They usually run away. I was happy when one decided to lay down.

This one came and wanted his or her  picture taken and sat near me on the swing.

The mother came to stand up next to me. Taking photos of moving cats and kittens is quite challenging.
Wish me luck for tomorrow... I'll have to catch them after I come back home from the farm.

Just now before I going to bed I went to check up on them,  I just took a little bit of cat can food and pressed some around  a styrofoam plate and got all five of them to eat some and get a taste for it so it will be easier to trap them tomorrow. I feel like such an eel to trick them like that but it's the best I can do to get them to want more tomorrow.
I'll let you know how I make out.

I hope that you all have a great weekend and that your Friday the 13 was just another normal day.

Thanks for your visit. I appreciate your comments. 


  1. good luck keeping my fingers crossed. I hope they go to a really great family.

  2. I hope it all works out, they adorable kitties so I hope they find homes. I am glad today was a good day.

  3. They will have new homes and maybe Momma will get fixed and become an indoor kitty once again. Good luck!

  4. Julia, they are so sweet and pretty..I do hope they all go to a good home....

  5. good luck tomorrow! i hope they will all report for duty and go quietly. :)

  6. oh, good luck, Julia... can't bear it...


  7. Oh my goodness... they are so sweet! The white one's markings either look like Groucho's mustache or angels wings (depending on your sense of humor) lol! I hope catching them went well... don't need scratches...

  8. Good luck with the kitties! They sure are cute...love the black one's eyes!

  9. All the best with the kittens! I hope it goes smothly. Thank you for doing this! Hugs!

  10. Hope you were able to get them all caged and off to hopefully find loving, forever homes. Bless you for seeing they are taken care of and for feeding and caring for them for the time that you did. Hugs!