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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Not so long ago I was helping levelling the trenches for the footing and then the cement was poured for the footing.

My son Vaughan is guiding the wet cement in the form for the footing while my husband George levels the cement with a rake.

Then the forms went up to pour the foundation on top of the footing.

The foundation is ready and the soil and some sand is shovelled against the foundation.

Next the building rafters are taken off the truck.

The frame is connected to the foundation.

That big grey roll  on the left is the tarp.

Then the rest of the reenforcing cables are put on.

The heavy tarp is hoisted up with the help of three winches.  One is hidden behind the big truck and the other is behind the red hoist on the right and the other is in the middle.

The tarp is slowly draping the frame.

The tarp fully draped over the frame.

The building fully assembled and ready for use. Soil will be mounted against the sides to help the tarp stay in place near the foundation.

Some hay bales being placed in the new building.

My son is carrying two huge bales to the tarp barn.  The outside layer of the bales got wet and turned dark but the inside is still OK.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the building process of our new tarp barn. Next time I'll have some pictures of our farm. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.   JB


  1. wow what a process but it looks like it will be put to good use right away.

  2. Julia,
    What a neat barn!! That is a great way to store hay! Beats putting it above the barn like we used to in the old days on the farm! The cows will be happy!
    Cathy G

  3. I have seen these but had no idea they were put up like that. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Julia ~
    Thanks for sharing! Is that one giant piece of tarp?
    Hugs :)

    1. Yes Lauren, it's one giant piece of tarp and weigh a lot. My husband guesses between 400 to 600 pounds. JB

  5. This was neat to see...never saw a tarp barn before, but it looks like it will serve it's purpose well. Thanks for showing us!

  6. Farm life is so busy all the time and so much hard work. I'm glad the hay barn is done and your hay will be protected. It's a big project and I'm in awe of you out there working with the fellas! Thanks for sharing, I find it so interesting.

  7. Well in a week's time I have seen crossing flags! And now a tarp barn being built ! Whatever will I see next!

    That really is interesting, Julia ... You got a healthy nice looking baby boy too!

    I hope you do post pictures of your farm ... Little baby calves too

    How's your hornet bite???

    1. My hornet sting is all better, thanks Carolyn. JB

  8. That was very interesting, and the pictures are so good! Thank you for sharing with us. I always wished I had grown up on a farm! I grew up around farms, and come from farming roots, but never got to actually be a part of it. Thanks. Hugs.

  9. The construction tutorial was kind of cool. As I was reading along I wondered how the tarp got attached. Pretty slick system.

  10. Thnaks, Julia!
    That explained it all. That is HUGE!
    I haven't seen them in our area.
    Around here the round bales are just incased in a long tube of white plastic and it looks like a giant caterpillar lying on the ground.
    That's amazing!

  11. That was something to see! Thanks for taking us along step by step. Did it take all day? It certainly looks sturdy and efficient. Well done!

  12. Robyn, the tarp barn took one and a half day to put up as there was a lot of bolts to tighten everywhere. It took a crew of three men to put it up. JB

  13. wow! what alot of work! my parents had a green house and we would have to replace the tarps. what a job. tieing something to the tarp in so many places and throwing it over and then grabbing and pulling...hard work. your finish project is wonderful and full already i bet. enjoy your day julia!

  14. It looks really nice. I love how nice and tight the tarps are, it will be perfect for hay this winter. It really turned out to be a nice job. I could think of all kinds of uses for that.
    I can't wait to see pictures of your farm.

  15. What a sense of satisfaction you must feel and relief knowing the tarp barn is complete. It certainly is a great building for storing hay. Is the weather becoming chilly in your neck of the woods? How's the new pot working? Have a great weekend Julia, looking forward to farm photos! Greetings, Julie.

  16. I am so amazed that your son and husband were able to accomplish so much on their own. That tarp barn is really an accomplishment! I am so impressed with how quickly it went up!

  17. Hi Darlene, the footing was built by my husband and son. We hired a contractor to do the foundation and another contractor to put up the tarp barn. It was all done very quickly as you said. About one and a half day to raise the barn.


  18. Wow! What an amazing way to build a barn. I have never seen one of these and your post was awesome showing us every step of the way.
    Wish I could organize my pictures of my trip to Maine like you have this post. lol
    Gosh Julia I have missed you dear friend. I was delighted to come home and find you had left me a comment and then to find you are posting again was even a better surprise.
    I do hope your well and enjoyed your weekend. I think of you often and wonder what your up to and if your well.
    I am hoping my computer problems fix their selves and I can visit more often.
    Take care and have a lovely week

  19. That is a beautiful thing!
    That hay will stay nice and dry! As a former dairy wife I get the need for high quality hay.

    Sounds like you continue to be busy!

  20. how exciting to build something so massive
    and to fill it with haystacks,
    which have to be one of the most beautiful
    things I know.
    seems like a full and bountiful harvest!
    happy soon to be Autumn,

  21. This is a truly awesome post. I felt like I was there and visiting with you. Thank you, Julia. I sincerely mean that! Hugs!