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Sunday, December 30, 2012


Another year zipped by and did I attained all my goals?  No, I didn't. I make lists and I cross them as I reach certain goals.  Then when the list looks messy, I make a new one and start all over again.  I must admit that I reached many of my goals but I always take on more than I can accomplish. The reasons are many but I get a second chance to do better in the new year. A whole year of tic toc is almost history.
One day at a time we're given a second chance and another and another to reach our goals. Some are long term goals and they need more time and some are short term goals. I've stopped making new year resolutions and just try to do my best. I can't think of any regrets for this past year.

My computer was not cooperating at Christmas so I'm late posting on my blog although my grandson could play his game.
Christmas was low key this year and was a departure from the usual. Somehow I managed to take some pictures. Everyone was overworked and tired but getting together was still important.

My daughter and the kids came for the afternoon visit

My grandson L.  playing his game of skill

My granddaughter M. working on an amazing piece of embroidery for a period costume that she's working on. These are supposed to be the pockets. I'll try to post her progress when she is has more done if I can.

My grandson S. reading his new book.

A close up of her handiwork. each hole is counted and the white border around the design is actually is a tiny cord that is stitched over. Very tedious work which she loves to do. The tiny gold thread is a chain stitch.

The pencil lines in the centre is where the seam will be. She has done a lot of work but still a lot more to do.

My other granddaughter N. and her mom, my daughter Jackie sorting out the puzzle

My hubby working on the puzzle while granddaughter N. is  painting her mom's fingernails blue with her new nail polish kit. Her mom chose blue.

Grandpy is a good sport and volunteered to have her practice on him.

Now that she had the practice on grandpy, it's mom's turn to be pampered.

My next door neighbour came and just before dinner was ready, she placed some puzzle pieces with lightning speed and got it all done while I was putting dinner on the table.

Here is the finished puzzle.
We normally have a larger and more complicated puzzle to do but the Holstein cow on this one was the decisive factor. As a rule the girls and I all sit around the table to work on the puzzle  and we are only allowed to take a sip of wine when we place a piece. It gets pretty hilarious some time when someone gets lucky and puts several pieces in while the others haven't placed a piece in some time.

I did not take pictures of the turkey dinner.

My son was here and came to take some food to his friend who was not well. I didn't thought of taking his picture. In reality we had 5 people for Christmas dinner. Next year if all goes according to plan, it will be a big dinner at our house.

Today we are being pounded with another major snow storm. There is no color and everything seems black and white.

A shot from my sunroom door of the deck.

This is what is left of the turkey soup we had for lunch.

I have more pictures to share for next blog post because this one is already too long but it's for my family.
I hope that you all stay safe and warm while you wait for the New Year to come in. The New Year baby in diaper is going to freeze his butts this year. He'll need more than a hat to keep warm.



  1. What a series of pictures of a wonderful Christmas.HUgs Cheri

  2. Hi Julia...Your Christmas looks like a whole lot of family fun! Tell your hubby he is a great sport...I use to sit on my Pop Pops' lap and pin curl his hair...it's a memory that makes me smile, and I'm sure your grand daughter will remember the day she painted her grandfather's nails blue!
    Your grand daughter is a very accomplished needlewoman! It warms my heart to see a young lady pull a needle and achieve such wonderful results...can't wait to see it completed!
    Have a very Happy New Year, my friend! Send me some snow!!!

  3. Julia ~
    THAT is a lot of snow!!! I hope you're not snowed in.
    Your granddaughter is doing an amazing job on her handiwork. Breathtaking!
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs :)

  4. aw, Julia... that is soooooo cute! Painting her G'Dad's nails... HAHaaaa.... that embroidery!? good lord! what a talented family you have.

    I do not envy you the snow. how in the world did you make it to the barn? you got snow shoes?

    Enjoyed spending time with you at your house ... so warm and inviting ...

    big hug ;)

  5. Good afternoon Julia, my your granddaughter is doing an amazing job on her stitching, very impressive. I chuckled at grampy's blue fingernails, what a good sport he is...what wonderful grandchildren you have been blessed with, was sweet little James with you too? The wind is howling and the temperature has dropped, another six inches of snow last night. But it is winter after all and I don't seem to mind. Sending New Year greetings from Maine, Julie.

  6. Hi Julia,

    I loved your Christmas pictures. Brought back fun memories, my DH used to play Barbies with our granddaughter, let her do his hair and have tea with her.

    How blessed you are to have a GD that enjoys embroidery. No one in my family seems to be interested in learning any needlecraft skills. It makes me sad, like some of our family heritage is going to be lost.

    I love your tradition of only getting a sip of wine if you find a puzzle piece. I bet I can get my DIL's to join me if I explain the rules.

    Happy New Year, Ronda

  7. what amazing talent your grand daughter has. looks like fun was had your daughters sweater is beautiful.
    we too have had two snow storms back to back I hope that is it for awhile.

  8. It's nice to catch up on your Christmas in pics. We got a big dumping of snow today too. The plow guy hasn't shown up yet so I'm trapped. Getting twitchy. Lol

  9. If you folks think that the embroidery my daughter is doing is good (and there's no denying it, it is), you will have your minds blown when you see the quilting that she's been working on for the last few months. Makes this look like a diversion. She'll have about 500 hours into the quilting when it's done, and it will be a one of a kind petticoat. And then there's another little surprise for you all from the granddaughter when Julie next posts. Her GD is really quite a versatile talent. She surely didn't get it from me.

  10. Julia - Thanks for all the lovely pictures - I can tell that everyone was enjoying themselves and felt so comfortable all together! I used to love doing jigsaw puzzles, but it's kinda of hard to do them right now with a 2-yr-old visiting on occasion! LOL

  11. The piece your Granddaughter is working on is beautiful and so detailed. I think the finished product will be amazing! The day looked very restful and sometimes that's just what is needed..peace and quiet and a small gathering. Your snow looks so much like our snow that I thought I was looking out my own windows! Have a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

  12. hi julia, thanx so much for stopping by my blog! i love hearing from you. great family pictures! love the blue nail polish especially on papa!puzzles are such fun to do, i will have to try the wine thing!! we barly have any snow here altho has been cold right around 0 for days on end. i am about out of dog and cat food so will venture out a bit tomorrow. i would so like to be a bit more self disaplined in the new year and get more done. will see. enjoy your evening julia

  13. wow, your granddaughter is doing amazingly beautiful needlework! My toe nails are always painted purple or teal, and I wish we had some of your snow!

  14. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.
    I hope to be back at posting soon. Hugs.

  15. I am so glad you posted pictures of your family. It looks so nice. Your grand daughter is really so talented. What impressive needlework. You have such a talented bunch of people Julia.
    I hope you stay warm in your house today. That is a lot of snow.
    I can't wait until your next update. I enjoy seeing your life so much.

  16. Oh, my it would be hard to top a wonderful afternoon like that. What fun you all must have had. Your granddaughter does beautiful work. I hope you will be able to post a picture of her finished project. That was a good job on the nail painting. You sure got a lot of snow. Stay warm and safe and Happy New Year to you and your family from me and mine sweet Julia. Hugs