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Monday, December 31, 2012



Here is my granddaughter M's newest pet. He's trying to warm himself or herself on a LED light, lol...(Gee, I forgot to ask her if it was a he or a she) lol... I'm not even sure if it has a name either.
 I'll call it  Taxi as in Taxidermy.

Don't worry, she didn't kill this little cute chipmunk, It had already met it's demise. She went online and found a Youtube video to learn how to proceed and she cleaned it all well and proper to kill any bacteria and stuffed it.  I welcome her comments to rectify what I missed or distorted. The fact that she stuffed this little creature blows my mind. This was actually her second critter to stuff.

A side view of the chipmunk.

Now before you all scream, it's a mouse who  also met with her maker but not by my granddaughter's hand. No she's much more compassionate than that. She salvaged what was left of the little critter and disinfected it too before proceeding. She cut it on the front and had problem with sewing it up as the skin is very thin and fragile but she did the best she could and then she found out that she should make the cut on the back where the fur is thicker. Makes sense to me. There's even a wire in the tail.

She wants to make cloths for it. I think that Tasha Tudor would approve. hahaha.

I didn't took a great shot but this is my granddaughter M. explaining me how she did the taxidermy.

Her younger sister N. showing me how the chipmunk looked as if it's warming itself over a candle.

I've got more photos to show but I must go now. Stay safe and warm and have a blast to celebrate the new year. I've got my bag of chip and my wine all ready. That's the only preparations I've got and I'm Ok with that and I'm as happy as a fish in the water.

Thanks for following me all this time and welcome to my new followers. I do appreciate your comments and visits.


  1. Are you serious?! that little g'daughter is a taxidermist? get out of town... oh, lord... when I first saw the chipmunk warming over the candle... I thought you had tamed the little thing.

    I guess it was tamed all right... holy jeeeeeez

    Happy New Year, Julia!

    wine and chips? as in potato? no kidding... I've got orange juice and p'nut butter stuffed pretzel pillow things...

    wish I had some pie though ... rats


  2. How about calling the chipmunk Alvin - I'm with Carolyn, I thought the same thing at first about the chipmunk warming up over the light, that it was actually a pet, but she's a taxidermist?? Wow, impressive!

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. That is quite a talent. They are both beautiful girls.

    Have a blessed new year.

  4. Ummmm...I'm not sure but I think I'm a bit weirded (is that even a word?) out...but hey, everyone to their calling I say. I think she's done a good job though. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family and I'll look forward to tons more fun posts like this one!

  5. wow julia, you have a very talented grandaughter. if i remember tasha tudor kept a freezer with diff little creatures and when she wanted to schetch them she would take them out.. enjoy your evening i just had tomato soup and making tea...whoo hooo its freezing up here...

  6. Unusual talent in a young person. I'm impressed!
    Happy New Year!

  7. What a hoot! I can't believe your granddaughter did that. Yeah for her.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs :)

  8. If she lived in Alabama she could be making a five figure income during deer season :)
    Our dogs caught a chipmunk a few days ago. He was gone before I could get him away from them :(
    Happy New Year.

  9. I am at a loss for a comment.

    Happy New Year

  10. Cute! Taxi is a complicated process... and your grand daughter is doing an amazing job so far! Methinks the mouse is already posed to be dressed as an old world santa... holding a lantern... let's keep the light theme going here... :-) Happy New Year!

  11. Here is all the information you got wrong:

    I did the chipmunk first and the "mouse" second. The chipmunk was found on the bike trail and the "mouse" is actually a vole that was killed by a friends cat. The reason I had trouble sewing up the chipmunk was because I had skinned by cutting it in the traditional pattern before I found the tutorial on mouse taxidermy which specifically said to cut the skin up the back. The tutorial was not a youtube video, it was this:


    He's going to get a nice red and gold mid 18th century suit, I'd like to find another vole and make a gown for it.

    The song that I think you were trying to quote in the title is actually called "baby it's cold outside"


    Also, the pockets that you showed me embroidering in the last post are going to be a copy of these:


    That's what they will look like when they're done, with some small differences.

    Carolyn, I'm five foot nine, please don't call me "little".

    I think that's everything, happy New Years!

  12. I love my daughter, the mad purple chicken. She's a natural born correcting pedant, just like her father. She corrects in the same tone of voice I do. The nuts don't fall far from the tree. We try not to be obnoxious, but sometimes it's difficult.

    I also winced when I read Carolyn's "little g'daughter" comment and knew it wouldn't go unanswered. My lovely daughter is tall. Much taller than average for a female. And she loves being tall. She towers over all of the females in our extended family, with the possible exception of one aunt, and I'd know about that if my memory wasn't so bad.

    Love you dear. Your taxidermy is lovely. Now, get to that red squirrel that's in the freezer. :-)

  13. lol... well? Mother and daughter ... consider me properly admonished for being so presumptuous...

    The little actually referred to age ... I'm southern and we say lots of littles and darlins and such ....we mean no harm, well at least me.

    I'm at a motel by a lake, Julia! sooooo pretty - outta M6! yay!

  14. In the world of blogging I'm used to only get positive comments. I'm sorry M. got offended when no offence was intended.

    As I grow older, the exact details looses it importance. I used to get very irritated when someone was quoting the incorrect details but I soon got over that. The brain gets too full after a while but it's still amazing that we can remember at all.
    Happy New Year

  15. Mamoo, I don't think M. was at all offended. We pedants, when we correct, are not doing so out of offence, just out of some kind of obsessive need to "get things right". So she's not upset with you. Just "matter of fact" setting things straight. So don't be bothered by her comment. She wasn't in the slightest perturbed.

    As for the "little" thing. She's 18, which is young, I admit, but adult enough in most jurisdictions. And I have, since my last comment, confirmed that she is the tallest woman in our extended family, even topping auntie C., who I wasn't sure about. I think my grandmother B, who has been dead for about 22 years, may have been taller, but she would be the only one. So I can understand why the "little" label would rub her the wrong way. Anyway, I'll shut up now and let you post without any trepidation.

  16. Wow honey that Blows my mind too that she did this chipmunk. She is going to be a doctor or vet. lol
    Thought of you today wondering how you were spending the first day of our new year.
    Hard to believe how fast these years go by.
    I have not made any resolutions this year because I usually can't keep them very long. lol I would like to be a better blogger again but that would take some organization which I am not good at. lol
    Blessings to you dear friend for a wonderful New Year. May God Bless You and Your family this coming year.
    It has meant so much to me to have you as a friend and I look forward to getting to know you even better this coming year.
    Love ya

  17. Hi Julia, Your blog has been so entertaining & familiar to me. First the chipmunk, I too thought it to be real. I have had a pet squirrel for 8 years & was thinking of having him taxi'd once he expires of natural causes. Your granddaughter does wonderful work! Such talent with her embroidery too! my sister-in-law does work like that in Virginia & museum work that has been published in the Embroider's Guild USA. M has such talent for her years & I know I'll be reading about her in my lifetime, she has such talent...to think I blog with her grandma!
    You are surrounded by talented people & 'children learn what they live.' They grow & share & the cycle continues!
    It's any wonder you have smile lines in that face of yours!
    Tight hugs, Happy New years Julia, to you & yours!
    Cynthia M-R

  18. that is adorable.....so VERY Tasha Tudor:):):)
    such sweet girls!
    a beautiful year to you, friend,

  19. That's pretty funny, Julia!! Can't imagine that she would figure out how to do that on her own!! Imagine that!!! Happy new year to you!!!

  20. Well, Julia...I can see your year is off to a roaring good time with your family...and lots of critters! Enjoy!

  21. WOW!!!! That Granddaughter did a great job,thought it was alive! Hope you have a great 2013!