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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


In my last post I  mentioned that I was getting things ready to sell my bisque. I have boxes and boxes all labeled and  I wasn't even finished pricing them  today but I was almost done.  I was waiting to finish pricing and I was planning to advertise the bisque sale.

This is only one section of boxed bisque. This picture appeared in my last post...

On Saturday a lady who used to be a customer of mine 10 years ago, called me looking to purchase some ceramic glazes and acrylic paints as there are no dealers in our city and she had to order some from Toronto and the shipping is very costly for a small studio and the paint and glazes are pricy too. She wanted to start teaching ceramic again.

 I gave her an appointment for  today and she looked at all my boxed bisque and she bought it all. I never would have thought that she'd be the one to buy my bisque. She knew the quality of my bisque however and didn't hesitated. Her husband gave her his blessing and we shook hands on the deal. She was all smile.

It will be here for a little while until she can move it all to her place. I gave her a great deal that she couldn't refuse. We were both happy. God did listen to my prayers and he answers them in his time and I'm thankful.  Thank You Jesus.

If we ask and believe with all our heart, it will happen... not always in the way we envision but it will happen in God's time, with patience.

When my basement was full of  thousands of heavy plaster molds for ceramic and every studios had closed in my area, I was stuck with thousands of molds and no one was interested in buying. I asked Jesus to help me by sending someone to buy my molds. I prayed a lot always asking and waiting. I did not advertise as I was working everyday and didn't had much time to organize a sale. Then God send the big flood and thankfully the water seeped in the basement.... I know....

 If the water came up one extra inch higher, it would have come through the window and the insurance would not have covered the damage as we were insured for seepage only.

We had a sump pump keeping the water level to a minimum and nothing was in danger of getting wet until the power company turned off the power on our grid. The water rose to over 4 feet and the molds were damaged beyond salvage. Shelves buckled under the tremendous weight and all the molds came crashing down. They were totally ruined. It took weeks to let the molds drain so they could be taken outside to dry in the sun. Wet mold are very very heavy.

Heres comes God, with a big fat cheque from the insurance and my damaged molds were taken away. I was thankful to have gotten rid of the a great amount of molds that I wasn't using anymore and receive cash for them. All the ones up in the garage were spared however and I still have them. I need to pray some more but at least they are not in danger of being flooded.

 This is my beautiful daughter Christine overflowing with grace. Keeping little brother safe till he's ready to  make his appearance and meet James face to face... Big brother is waiting.

 James wants to catch or bust those  giant bubbles and he's having so much fun.

I think that Daddy has more fun playing with Play-Doh than James. Something with wheels is more to his liking.

I bet he wants to push the buttons on the camera or look at himself in the lense. He looks like he has something on his mind. Notice the pick up truck on his shirt.

James love anything with wheels. He love big tractors, firetrucks,  train, cars, buses, trucks and like I said, anything with wheels. I can detect a big smile in mommy's arms. I think he likes his boots too. They look like little tug boats.

James is playing with dadd's tablet. You can see the smily reflection on the tablet.

Daddy is reading him a bedtime story before putting James to bed. He's a little charmer.

James is ready for his big boy bed but still wants to play to the last minute....
 For those who asked when I was going away to my daughter... I'm flying to Ottawa on February 25th. I'm hoping for no storm or wind and for a smooth flight. The last time it was cold in the little plane and we had some turbulence and  snow in places and we were enclosed in a white mist for part of the way. I don't like flying in little planes.

I always love your comments and thanks for visiting.


  1. so glad that is one thing off your mind. God does answer prayers.
    james is growing like a weed.

  2. Blessings abound! As they should! Hugs!

  3. James has the most beautiful eyes! I bet he will be a wonderful big brother. Mom looks absolutely radiant.
    Is that your daughter and son-in-laws wedding picture in the background? The one where the guy is wearing a kilt? That is just too cool.
    Congrats on your bisque sale. One less thing to have to worry about/deal with.
    Hugs :)

  4. I'm so happy all your prayers were answered! God is good! He's also blessed you with a wonderful family and James is so sweet and adorable. Congrats to your daughter and I know you'll have a nice visit...I'm not fond of flying in a big plane but we're going to fly to Oregon in March to visit with our son and his family.....praying for a smooooootttthhhhh flight also!

  5. Oh Julia was a wonderful story, God is so good and so faithful. I am just thrilled you were able to sell it.
    Christine looks beautiful. I bet you are excited. You are such a good Mom.
    I love your story.

  6. He certainly does answer prayer and it sounds like it was perfect timing.....

    Your daughter and her family are just beautiful and it makes me so happy to see such a sweet family playing and having fun together....What memories are being made that will always be cherished.....

    I pray her delivery will go well and that James will be very happy with his new little brother.....

  7. So happy for your blessings and answered prayers. A little jealous of your Grand Babies but love seeing pictures of James. Can't wait for pics of new baby. I'll be praying for your trip and the safe delivery of Jame's Baby brother.

  8. Julia, that is wonderful. I'm so happy you are able to get rid of it all at once. Yay for answered prayers.
    James is growing up so fast. Such a little charmer. Your daughter is glowing.

  9. aw ... James has the most gorgeous blue eyes! so happy you found a buyer and can resolve something you've wanted to happen for a long time...

    Your daughter is, indeed, glowing. I LUV play dough ... haaa ... what fun.

    Beautiful family, Julia. Enjoyed the pictures very much.

  10. It takes faith to wait for prayers to be answered! Your faith is abundant Julia! Glad it worked out so well!
    That little James is such a cutie! Mom and Dad are going to be very busy!
    Will be waiting anxiously for pics of the new little brother!!
    Cathy G

  11. Your little grandson is adorable. That is great that you sold everything, I'm sure that takes a big load off of you.
    Your daughter looks like she is due anytime. When is the big event? Great post that has given God the glory!

  12. Hi happy you were able to sell all your bisque. What a relief! James is so adorable...what a great big brother he will be!

  13. James is a little cutie! And your daughter looks so happy and healthy! Some joy to look forward to! :-) I'm so happy your prayers were answered with the bisque! I bet you feel so relieved!

  14. Congrats on the sale! Your family pictures are awesome.

  15. God is good! Happy for you that you are done with the bisque and that you can go off to Ottawa without that on your mind. Christine is glowing with babe, looks like very soon.James is growing up so fast,so nice that you will be able to get away to be with them,enjoy. Take care and God bless!