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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've been very lazy about blogging lately, I've had the winter blahs, I've come out of it but I just didn't thought anything was worthy or exiting enough to bother blogging about. I've been working steadily but slowly on filing lots of papers for year end, getting them in order and matching invoices with statements. I'm not finished but this is what I've done so far, 6 inches deep. My fat kitty looks exasperated, lol... I found him at the thrift store and he was missing his whiskers on the right. I cut black bristles from my broom and glued them in the little holes so they match on both side. I love this fat quiet undemanding cat. He sits quietly in my office and keeps me company. Here he serves as a paper weight.

Today I've been working on pricing  my ceramic bisque boxes for sale. The contents of each box by categories and each box is numbered. I'm practically giving it away. I don't have time to go sell it at the flee market. I just need to get rid of it and hope that once the word gets out, it will go quickly before we get another flood in our basement. We had to tear all the walls down and removed wooden shelves over the whole basement in the last flood. I'm too old to start over again and I'm certainly not interested in being in business anymore. Maybe I'm ready for the rocking chair and some knitting needles. lol...

Starting on the far end I have animals, then plaques, then native pieces, then dragons, wizzards, dinosaurs, angels, cherubs and teddy bears.

Here I have some figurines, Santas, Christmas pieces and canister sets. You can see the sticker with box number and price.

More boxes to figure the price.

The buyer can tell me which categories they are interested in and I've got everything listed in a scribbler. The boxes are all carefully packed so there's no need to for them  pack boxes. It's cash and carry.
I'm not sure when I'll be ready to sell. Soon I hope. I have kept a little bit of bisque to paint at a later date for a pass time.

I've made a batch of pesto from my frozen pre-mix and just added the garlic, sunflower seeds (since I got an unpleasant reaction to pine nuts a while back with a very bitter taste in my mouth that lasted for days)  some parmesan cheese, salt  and a bit more olive oil

Here is the finished pesto from basil I grew in my garden last summer.

I sautéed some chicken and added it to the pesto and spaghetti.
I added a handful of garlic cloves in the last 5 minute of cooking the spaghetti and added them to the mix.
One thing about me, I see little faces everywhere I look and that big garlic clove in the plate  looks like it has a little face on it.  I see little eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. His head is bald and he has a manly chin. Am I seeing things? lol....  Can you hear what he says?... Oh God, I need to get away...

I ripped out my fishing girl on my rug and when I was to retrace it in another location, I lost the pattern and had to draw another one by looking at the picture on my computer, lol. I still haven't transferred it to my rug. I'm really dragging my feet on this rug...

I've picked up another charcoal wool skirt  at the thrift store and it had a few moth holes in the front so it went directly in the washer as soon as I got it home and went through a hot wash and in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet. I asked the clerk  to reduce it because of those two little holes and he gave it to me half price.

I made a batch of crispy oatmeal  coconut cookies but they are all gone and I didn't bother to take a picture. My husband wants me to make more...

Next post I will post some pictures of James.

Stay well, safe and warm. We are having 6 more weeks of winter thanks to Mr Groundhog who saw his shadow Saturday...


  1. but but ... HOT wash for the wool skirt? I never. Are you going to weave ~ fix the moth holes? hahaa garlic faces ... oh, me.

    I do that too ... I really do. I'll see an animal or face in a this or that ... fun

    Julia? that's a HUGE stack of papers.... jeeeez that reminds me of my shop days. gives me a headache to just look at yours. love fat cat ;) and your pesto sauce looks deeeelicious.

    As always ... you're a talented hard working kid. It was a beautiful day here today. I went to a two year old's birthday party .... ;) got to hold Charlie and squeeze Carolyn Adelle...


    Looking forward to pictures of James ...

    1. oh wow... just looked at the bottom this post! this is new?! LOVED your son and the cow photo! whatta tongue... ;)

  2. Oh aren't the winter blahs horrible? I was really bad 2 weeks ago, and that is one reason why we went to VA and NC. We HAD to get away. I do feel better, like my batteries are somewhat recharged.
    I need sunshine, and boy IN sure doesn't produce that much in winter. By the way you little fat cat is cute. Very creative using broom bristles for whiskers. I have never made Pesto but have always wanted to it looks delicious and I love Basil. FYO we had snacks in the car, and drinks and had a pee break right before the delays. But when we finally got off boy did I have to Go!!!!

  3. I'm glad you put whiskers on that cat..they need those to navigate with! I bet he'll help navigate you right through the stack! We're getting an early spring because our groundhog didn't see any shadow...that would require sun..something we don't seem to have here! I'm looking forward to the end of Winter and the blahs. Hope all goes well with your sales too. Have a good week!

  4. We're all about pesto. At night after yoga when we get in, we don't like eating anything heavy so we have some cheese, olives, carrots, and warm bread spread with pesto. Yum.

  5. your pesto looks wonderful you certainly have a full plate. now I heard he didn't see his shadow this year I will have to go back on the internet and see. But no matter what we will have at least 6 more weeks of winter.
    I have not hooked much in the past couple of weeks need to get back at it.
    have a wonderful week

  6. Yes! I see the face on the garlic.. he looks a little upset that he will be eaten soon... lol! Thanks for mentioning your pesto secret! I would have never thought to substitute sunflower seed for the pine nuts! Pine nuts are too strong for me too (and way too expensive)... Clearing out the ceramic bisque stuff is a good idea. "Stuff" takes up a lot of time... and I think that may be what you are looking for "more time" rather than a "rocking chair and knitting needles"... lol! I've been selling off a good amount of my "stuff" this month too... let me tell you...no matter how much you thought you enjoyed the stuff when you had it... it feels sooooo GREAT when it leaves out the door!!! More space! And more time to enjoy life!

  7. Wow that's a lot of boxes! I'm into cleaning out bunches of stuff, too. The older I get the more I realize I will just never get some things done, so it's time to pass them on.
    Your pesto looks yummy! Can't wait to see pics of Sweet James.
    Have a great week,

  8. I have been downsizing for a few years. It really got out of control when we inherited a lot of items. I still have stuff to pass along. I tend to be a minimalist. It is easier. My wish is to live in a fishing cabin on a lake, with critters and books.

  9. Love your paper weight! He's so cute. Good luck with the bisque sales. Your pesto looks so good. I've been doing some cleaning out as well.

  10. Obviously the winter blahs haven't slowed you down...You have been busy...

    I am like you I want less and only the things I love around me...Always cleaning out seems to be the mode right now for alot of us...

    And I love your kiddie...he's so cute and looks like he's just sitting there encouraging you on with your high piles of paper....never know where we will find a treasure....

    Have a good day and I am glad you posted because I miss you and all your activities when we don't hear from you...Have a great day, Julia.....

  11. Well, that is a lot of boxes. And a lot of work for you to organize it. It will be nice to get your basement space back. I hope you find a buyer or buyers quickly. That is just one more worry you don't need. Anxious to see new James pics. P.S. Isn't his sibling due soon?

  12. Guess what I could see the face too! Love the cat,and sorry you have the winter blahs, but just think spring is not that far away. Really looking forward to pictures of James and the new babe.You will be going soon won't you? My you have a lot of bisque. The pesto looks yummy and I guess the wool skirt is for a rug project seeing it hit the hot water great deal by the way. Well take care and have a better week! Hugs!

  13. All those papers and boxes would be enough to give me the blahs. You are much more energetic than I. How you do all you do is beyond me. I see that face on the garlic and it looks sad your pesto looks wonderful though. Hugs

  14. That pine nut mouth thing - I had that reaction last year. It was terrible. Worst taste I ever had in my mouth. If I had to live the rest of my life with that taste in my mouth I'd have jumped off the bridge. It was really bad for about three days, and slowly went away. It was a full two weeks before it was gone. I don't eat pine nuts any more unless I could be guaranteed that they came from Europe. It's the Chinese sourced ones that have the wrong kind of nuts in them. We also now use sunflower seeds.

    1. The reason I found out it was the pine nuts causing this awful taste in my mouth is that in the wee hours in the morning I couldn't stand it anymore and I googled Bad taste in mouth and came upon a lot of testimonial about others having had the same reaction days after consuming pine nuts.It was definitely the worst taste I ever experienced and nothing sweet would mask the taste. JUST AWFUL.....

  15. Hey honey
    I had forgotten we had another connection between us. I too had a ceramic shop when my babies were young. I left my kiln in the garage of the home I just sold. I do miss painting.
    You sure do have a lot of pieces to sell. I hope your sell goes well.
    I am looking forward to your pictures of James.
    Thank you for your sweet email. I really love hearing from you.
    Take care honey
    Love ya

  16. Julia - I don't think you could ever post anything that isn't interesting! And it looks like you've been one busy lady! Love the cat! When will you be leaving to spend time with your daughter and be with James when the baby is born?