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Thursday, February 7, 2013


When I turned 50, years ago..... the Rodale Press targeted me as if they knew that I was interested in shaping up health wise.  They started sending me tempting health books information to view and every month they had a new offer and I was buying their books. I learned a lot from them. Some I kept and some I gave  away. I eventually built up a health library. There are more not shown here...

I'm running out of room on my library shelves so some books are not in the right section.

Around 10 years ago I received a lot of health books and some other books from a friend who wanted to clean out her library after her husband passed away. I added them to my library but I had to buy shelves because my library was  already full.

Some of those I bought at the thrift store and the rest were given to me by my friend. The health books are on the bottom shelf.

Now yesterday morning I got a call from an elderly woman whom my husband and I met at a church breakfast last year and we chatted and learned a little about each others.  She remembered our conversation and had some books that she thought we might be interested  in as she was cleaning her library too.

These I got yesterday from the elderly couple. Now if I could get the time to read these...

She was a retired teacher who worked for the University Forestry Department. She called herself an outdoor teacher and her 93 years old  husband was a retired University Engineer professor. Both remarkable people.
They arrive with guess what... two big cloth bags full of beautiful health books.
My husband invited them in and we chatted for a spell and they were so interesting and knowledgeable.

I'll have to reorganize my health library now so that all the health  books are in the same place.

I finished filing year end  papers today and I also finished calculating the  three months of HST ( harmonized sales tax) for the farm last evening. My plan was to hook after supper but we got company so I didn't pull a single hoop again...

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visit and comments so much.
It's minus -21 C. right now, that's -5.8 Fahrenheit. It's supposed to go to -24C.  equal to  -11.2 F. I bet the water will be frozen in my end of the barn in the morning.



  1. with all that light you could start having office house. stay warm

  2. -5 degrees? that's just too cold. Bet it says so in your health books .... -degree weather is too cold... lol

    oh, me... your library looks like what I downsized from on the first downsizing ... I've downsized about five times to live in ol Homer.

    We had a wall to wall bookcase ... I love going in old bookstores and buying books at library sales. The couple you got your last books from ... what fun was that.

    I know you're careful going out to the barn and about and you're used to the snow and ice .... but I just read a blog pal's post about her falling on the ice!~ she fratured 5 ribs and was in the hospital for over a week.... and she ain't old!

    It can happen in an instant... SO BE CAREFUL going to your end of the barn with the ice! jumping jeez

  3. Stay safe and warm. Hope you have time to work on your rug.

  4. Your books reminded me of me. I had to go through and get rid of sooo many books. There is no room and they weigh so much to haul in the fifth wheel. I did NOT get rid of some though just couldn't bear to part with them. I love to read and so does Art so we will need to get a kindle I guess. Listening to you talk about the barn brings back many memories of going out to the barn when it was sooo cold and slippery. Be careful out there.

  5. Don't you just love books? Our home is full of them! Minus eleven...yikes! I can't even imagine how cold that is! Hope you stay warm and be careful out on the ice.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Yeesh that's COLD! I don't know how you do it!

    Rodale publishes some very good books... and they do have MANY! You have quite a collection of health books... always interesting to read. I should read more...

  7. I love Rodale press. You have a bunch of books. I love books but I am in the process of getting rid of mine just because I have so many. Have you read them all? I bet you have learned so much from them.
    Gosh that is so cold. I bet your water is frozen too. I hope you don't have to be out in it all day.
    Have a good day if you can Julia.

  8. Stay warm & healthy!

  9. I'd say you have a well stocked library of health books; they certainly keep coming your if you are like me how do you choose which one to read first.....

    I can't believe it that's cold; please bundle up and stay warm....

  10. Hi Julia you should be very healthy by the time you read all those books,seriously though are not books great,love them! hope the storm does not come your way and that all is well with you and yours.Take care!

  11. If someone over the age of 90 gave me health books I would think the books must have been very good for them to live that long! You could get a MD behind your name after reading all those! Everyone should be as diligent as you are getting healthier. You can have everything the world has to, power, status, money..but if your health is bad you have nothing. I see it everyday in my work. The way we live our lives determines how we age. You can get away with some things when you're young but if you carry the bad habits into later life you are going to pay the price. Gee, maybe I should write a book!? Have a good weekend and stay warm! We're heading into a little warm-up around here..thankfully!

  12. I love reading health books,I try to be healthy, doesn't always work, but doing pretty well. Sugar is my downfall for sure. Stay safe and warm!

  13. Brrr! Too cold to be in the barn for me!
    I found a picture on Pinterest that showed books overflowing down a staircase. That will be me in a few years if I don't stay out of the used book store! I love books of all kinds and magazines!
    Stay safe and warm this weekend!

  14. That sounds cold! Julia be careful with all that snow and ice, Hugs Cheri

  15. So, do you need some health books? I have some I'd love to send you :)