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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My flight to Ottawa went very smoothly and a very pregnant wobbly Christine picked me up at the airport yesterday morning with little James in tow.

 This morning I was awakened by my son in law at 5:30 am to tell me that he was taking Christine to the hospital. She had gotten up for a snack and as she sat down on her chair, her water broke. It's quite a long drive to the hospital and the doctor was called. On arrival, Christine was examined and it was  determined that she was in labor and 5 minutes before the doctor arrived the baby was born on the bed. Two push and he was skyrocketed out of the warmth into a cool room. He was born at 7:21 am.

Baby brother weighs 8lb 2 oz and was 2 weeks and 2 days early. Both mother and baby are doing well.

My smiling daughter with her brand new baby boy.

I think that he looks beautiful even though he wouldn't pose for the camera.

Daddy is happy that everything went so fast and well.

James was having a little adjustment to do but he came around rather quickly.

 At first he was upset at his mommy and didn't wanted to look at the baby but before long he shared some soup with mommy and even said Bye bye baby brother as we were leaving.

James and I have bonded almost instantly and I'm having a lot of fun with him.

I'm off to bed and probably will not have much time to blogg. Maybe I'll manage a few comments so please bear with me. Being a nanny at my age is challenging but I'm getting her done.   lol...

I'm off to catch up on my Zzzs.


  1. Julia! oh, sooooo glad to hear from you... and that everything went so well. aw little James saying bye bye baby brother! ... just aw.

    He was early and weighed that much .. wow. He has such a pretty complexion!

    Proud Daddy and Mom ... nothing like it

    Well I'm older than you! and I tell you this g'ma business is something else!

    I'm picking up my almost three year old Friday! oh, joy.... ;)

    Hope you rest well, Julia...


  2. Oh Julia, let me be the first to congratulate you! He is simply beautiful, what a precious baby boy. Sweet little James is a big brother! What a fast delivery, so happy to read everyone is doing well. Does this little babe have a name yet? Enjoy your visit, keep us posted! Blessings to you my friend, Julie.

  3. Congratulations Grandma! What a beautiful baby...and handsome big brother!

  4. Congratulations!
    What a story for your memory book!

  5. What an entrance into this world! I'm so happy that everyone is doing well, hope you can all get some rest as these busy days move forward. It's such an exciting time. I will be 'in your shoes' in about a week and 1/2 with grandbaby #8. Yikes!!

  6. Congratulations to you and the whole family. He is just beautiful. I'm so glad labor went so quickly for her, good thing you arrived when you did. James is so cute, and acting so shy. He will be a good big brother I'm sure. It sure is different taking care of little ones at our age than when we were in our 20's I know. Take care and rest when you can.
    Best Wishes Always.

  7. Julia! What a beautiful child! So glad to hear your daughter had an easy time! Probably easier than Grandma! LOL! Get some rest and let us know what name that sweet little James will be calling his baby brother!
    Congratulations to your family!
    Cathy G

  8. What a joy in your family! you got there in the nick of time and so did your daughter! I am sure James will love being a big brother.
    congratulations to all.

  9. Congratulations to all! What a beautiful baby brother for beautiful little James! Your daughter looks all new mothers should! Enjoy your visit with your sweet boys!

  10. Congratulations grand-ma.happy for everyone,that all went so well.I am sure the first thing she did was counting his 10 little fingers and toes.
    James had the same reaction to my daughter's little girl when her brother was born.They seem to sense they are no longer going to have undivided attention.

  11. Congratulations! How exciting! I am so happy it went so well! Now everyone can relax & enjoy!

  12. Julia, you got there just in the nick of time! The new bundle of joy is adorable. Great news everyone is doing well. Poor little James. It will take him a bit of time to get used to sharing the attention. But soon he will be enjoying his new role as big brother.

  13. Congratulations!!! You made it just in time, how wonderful. Beautiful Babe,James will be so happy to have his Gran, you can make lots of memories together.Enjoy your time, rest when you can and we will all be waiting for lots of stories of James and Babe. Take care and thanks for sharing!

  14. Well you made it at least. He is just beautiful as can be, and I am glad you are resting. I am so glad she has fast babies.
    You will be busy that is for sure.

  15. Wonderful news! Glad everything went smooth and quick and you made it there just in time! James is going to have some time to adjust to sharing his family with baby brother... a little stressed now... but, he will be just fine!

  16. Very exciting news! James will do all right with time.

  17. Welcoming a new life ot the world...what a beautiful thing :)

  18. How wonderful! He is a beauty!
    Glad you made it in time. I never had my kids that fast!
    Have a great time and enjoy.

  19. What a handsome Boy! I'm glad he waited for his Grandma. Enjoy your time with your daughter and all her boys.

  20. What a blessing such a happy day!!! Hugs Cheri

  21. Congratulations!!! You made it there just in time. What a wonderful blessing a new baby is. He is beautiful!

  22. What great timing you had on your arrival. That baby came fast. He is so beautiful.
    Being a Nanny has to be easy compared to what you do on the farm.
    I just got home from Colorado last night. Long day in the air and at the airports and exhausted. Being with the grandkids is just the greatest. COngratulations.

  23. Glad to hear that CB had a quick and easy delivery. That's how you want to do it. Pop them out in less than an hour. Jackie was 52 minutes for the twins.

    Full moon on Monday night and the birth in the morning. The nurses at the hospital told us that there are always more people in to deliver around the full moon. Interesting.

    Being a nanny at your age may be challenging, but not nearly as challenging as wrestling calves and getting humped from behind by 250 lb heifers. After dealing with all of the bovines this has to be a breeze.

  24. Hi Tired Adult,
    Christine is supposed to come home tomorrow and she hopes that the baby will be able to come home too because he seems having some issue with sucking.

    We are having a major storm and it took Joe over an hour on the road to get home this afternoon and it's still snowing hard and the plow still hasn't plowed the street here and it's 7:42PM. The contractor who usually plows his driveway still hasn't showed upeither. Joe got stuck in the driveway when he tried to drive in the garage and had to shovel. The snow is sticky and heavy.

    Being a nanny is easy with James and he's having fun with his dad now.

  25. Congrats, Julia ~
    You got there just in time. I bet they would have been scrambling if they didn't have you to depend on. Oh, how you will get to bond with sweet little James! Lucky you. What beautiful grandbabies.
    Hugs to all :)

  26. Well, all of you have great timing! Your arrival and the baby's arrival! He's a beautiful little guy. Perfect timing, perfect weight, perfect baby sweet. I laughed when you mentioned keeping up with the nanny work. You work 10 times harder at the farm but somehow keeping up with a toddler is lots of work! The reason your new grandson came quicker is so he could see his wonderful Grandmother! Enjoy your visit and congrats to you and your family!

  27. Congratulations to your kids and their new arrival!! What a fast delivery ~ he was anxious to get here!!! Have fun!!!

  28. Congratulations, Julia! You timed your trip perfectly! Have fun with James and be safe in the snow. Sarah

  29. Congratulations Julia! What great news! You called it when you said you were going early because she had James early! What perfect timing! Enjoy your visit and your grandbabies!


  30. I am glad that you are there to help Christine and Joe. James will really appreciate having the wonderous Mamoo around and I am sure that Baby Daniel will just be happy to have arrived safely and have extra time with mom.
    NOw make suer that you get some sleep!

  31. Aw what a precious darling baby! I know your exhausted but so glad you took the time to share these beautiful pictures with us. I am so excited and happy for you. Congrat's to all of you. I know your over the moon excited. He is beautiful and you know how I love seeing pictures of James. Now he has a little brother.
    I am so glad you were there for his arrival.
    My second child was born the same way without the doctor. In fact his Birthday is today.
    Take care sweet friend and I do hope you can get a little rest.
    Don't worry about blogging we will all be here.
    Love ya

  32. What a beautiful baby and such a blessing. Congratulations.


  33. Congratulations on the new grandson. He is a beautiful baby. Grandchildren are so much fun.

  34. How wonderful !! Beautiful Baby Boy !! Older Brother will come around for sure...They'll be best buds before you know it !! And how great that Grandma get to bond and have fun with him !!

  35. Congratulations grandma!! What a beautiful sweet little one.
    Have fun being the nanny and be sure to get rest when you can.

  36. Mamoo, you need to change the note at the top of your blog. You are now the grandmother of seven, not six. :-)

  37. Thanks, Tired Adult for the reminder but I've thought of it and I have been so busy taking care of Baby Brother that my status was low on my scale of priorities and I do admit that I would have probably forgotten about it for a while.

  38. Congratulations on a beautiful grand baby! I'm visiting from GYB party, I'm a new follower.

  39. Wow, that was quick and what an adorable little one. So happy for all of you, congratulations!! James looks so cute and sweet sharing soup with his mama. We will be here when you have all done you need to and rest up from being a nanny. lol Hugs

  40. Congratulations on your new addition to the family - it's a beautiful baby indeed. Blessings Betty

  41. Congrats Julia! Glad everyone is doing well.

  42. Congratulations on your new beautiful grandson! Those two boys are beautiful bookends with a wonderful family between them! Time will fly...enjoy!
    Big smiles from viewing those wonderful family photos.
    Hugs, Cynthia

  43. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! That child is beautiful and looks like he IS posing!! What a nice little family. What great timing!! I remember when my grandaughter met her sister for the first time and wasn't sure what to think of her either. Like you said, she soon came around. How fun for you that you can babysit now!! So sweet. Have a great time and hope your snow is melting like ours is today.

  44. Oh my goodness, Julia, you barely made it there in time. I am sure they were happy you were there to be with that darling little boy. What a neat little family. I love all the darling pictures of James. You two really did bond and I know he will love having you there. In fact, I'm sure he will hate to have you leave.

    I'm wondering who is holding down the fort while you are gone. It seems like you were up with the birds and always had a long busy day. I'm sure they will miss you at home, but it was so neat that you could be in Ottowa for this great occaision.

    The new baby is adorable. It will be fun to see how he and James get along as they are growing up. It will take a little for James to really understand that he is not the only one now, but I'm sure that as they get a wee bit older it will all work out fine and they will be friends forever.

    I know you are having a great time. I was always there when all of my grandchildren were born, except for my oldest daughter. Nancy felt like she could handle everything on her own, superwoman that she is, and she wouldn't let anyone take care of her. She had the baby caesarian and took her home on the second day, and by the way, they stopped in at their very favorite restaurant to have dinner. I must add that she did this with all of her boys...they were all caesarion too. and she took them home the second day. Just imagine what all the people in that restaurant thought when they saw four children come in to that very expensive restaurant to eat dinner. I'm sure they thought all of theirs would be runined, but the amazing thing is how well trained those boys were and they were good as gold always.

    I loved being with my other four though, only I got very sick of Boston, when I went there two weeks early so that I wouldn't be late, as you almost were. The baby was two weeks late, was in the hospital for two weeks and I had to stay with her for two weeks after he came home. Six weeks in all.......needless to say, I was very happy to get back home after all that time. It was freezing too all the time I was there in February and March.

    I do wish you all well though and just know how happy you are to be there.

    You are such a good blogger, Julia. I don't know how you do it with all else that you have to do. It took me almost three weeks to blog this time and I probably will be doing that most of the time because I don't really have much to blog about. Mine is mostly a journal anyway and not too many people enjoy reading other peoples journals. I'm glad you do though as I sure don't want to lose you.

    Love you