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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I had so much fun with that Keurig machine while at my daughter and son in law lately in Ottawa, that I decided that I was going to get my own. Making coffee or  tea has never been so easy. It's not an identical machine as theirs has 4 sizes of cups to choose from and mine has 2 sizes which is fine by me.

It can get expensive buying all those pre-measured gourmet coffee pods so being frugal,  I decided to also buy the little My K-Cup filter so I can use my own regular coffee. It works like a charm and I love it. All you do is measure the coffee in that tiny filter and snap it in the holder and put the cover on and  chose the size cup and in seconds I have a nice cup of hot coffee and there's no waiting.  It's great for busy people who love their coffee in the morning.

A  lot of you know that I can't have anything with soy or soy by-product and that means that there is an awful lot of food I can't have because there is soy in just about everything.  I've been craving chocolate for a long time.... did I say CRAVING just because I couldn't have any, ha,ha,ha.

While I was getting my little coffee filter today I saw some dark chocolate by the Keurig machines. All the other dark chocolate I've tried so far all have soy in them but not these. Instead of having soy lecithin as an emulsifier, they have the old fashion cocoa butter. I was elated... I bought two and did a happy dance. A little bit goes a long way. It's fair trade and also organic but not cheap.

I pulled a few hoops today on my Childhood rug and I plan to pull some more tomorrow until I get back at it full swing. No pictures...

Here is the first family photo with all four family members present. Photographing kids is like photographing  calves. They never stay still or look where you want them to look.
James was not cooperating at first but soon was smiling for the camera, thanks to playful daddy as little brother Daniel looks on.

This is the War Amps Child Amputee Program magazine called CHAMP. In it are pictures of child amputees that the Warm Amps Charity help through their programs. They are an amazing charitable organization and I support them with a donation every year.

James is part of that program and this year his picture was chosen  for the magazine along with many other kid's photos. You may remember him in his Halloween costume dressed as a little lion cub for Trick or Treating.

A little man with a sweet tooth after a carrot cake for Easter.

James found a small Bunny Chocolate on the window sill  while looking out for a real bunny that sometimes comes around the neighbourhood. He had his fill of chocolate Easter eggs that morning.

You can tell that he's enjoying his chocolate bunny.

That's all for today, but I still have more pictures in my file folder for later. I hope that you are not giving up hope that spring will come. My tulips are finally poking out of the cold wet ground and so are some daffodils. It's cold tonight so O'm putting an extra blanket on my bed. Good night.
Thanks for stopping by. I so enjoy your comments.


  1. glad you found some chocolate for YOU since the grandson had his. :)

  2. Aw, Julia ... what a precious family ... ahaa calves and children ... add any animal ~ certainly cats! so funny.

    LOVE your new coffee maker! and well, I'm not mentioning the chocolate ... and oh that luscious looking carrot cake! oh, sigh...

    more more!

  3. That is so cute that you compare your family photo to the calves. I used to compare everything to animals out in the barn lot too. Guess it is in our thoughts all the time. That is so sweet your grandson is in the magazine. Such a cutie.
    Enjoy all that great tasting coffee, you deserve it!!!
    Oh and enjoy that chocolate!!!!!

  4. We bought a Keurig, too, Julia! My husband said it will save money ~ he's the one who would make a 12 cup pot of coffee for two of us and throw out 8 cups ~ now we'll make one at a time and save eversomuch money!!! But I do like it ~ didn't intend to though!!

  5. I'm not a coffee drinker but dang girl that chocolate brew just might make me turn! HA!! i can just smell the aroma now!!

    Darling pictures of your family!!!

  6. So glad you found some chocolate you can eat. When you really want a bite of chocolate and can't have any it makes it worse. I am not drinking coffee or tea much any more not sure why but my daughter loves her machine too as her husband does not like coffee.
    great pictures of your family as always glad you are getting back to your rug.

  7. There's nothing like a good cup of coffee and a piece of good chocolate! It's still cold here, too, but should warm up soon. Sarah

  8. Treats for everyone! That's fair! Have a great day!

  9. Love my Keurig too. Glad you treated yourself. Daniel looks a little envious of his brother climbing over his Dad. Sweet pic.

  10. You are tempting me to get a Keurig... when I get home from work I could use just one cup of coffee... and my regular pot does not perk 1-cup very well. Great family pic! James is a sweetheart!

  11. Love seeing sweetheart James in the magazine...such a cute lion!

  12. Smart move to buy your own little filter to add your own coffee. Less waste, therefore better for the environment! Love the family pictures! Getting little ones in a position for a good photo is rather like "herding cats.":-) Good for you buying the Fair Trade chocolate, too! Our church sells Fair Trade cocoa, coffee, tea, and chocolate, and I am a frequent customer.

  13. I want to congratulate you on your new grandbaby and it sounds like you had lots of fun taking care of everybody....

    Now as to the Keurig machine...My sweetfisherman would panic if someone took his away...I don't drink coffee so I don't really understand but he surely loves his....

    So glad you found your chocolate and it looks like your grandson is enjoying his....I know there was way too much sugar at my house during Easter.....

    Good to visit you again...

  14. My step daughter bought the Keurig machine and loves it. I am the only one that drinks coffee in this house. Might have to consider one.
    Sweet little ones and a great picture of the family!

  15. I love my kerig, it is one of the most used appliances in the house. Love the pictures of James enjoying his chocolate.

  16. Hi Julia! Welcome home! I love all the pictures! That baby is adorable and James is just too cute! Love those big blue eyes!

    I like my Kuerig too! I'm not a big coffee drinker and drink decaf. Like you I use the little "my K cup" and measure my coffee into there - it's a lot cheaper for sure!

    Have a great rest of your week!


  17. OH Julia love these pics of your babies. I had to laugh at the four of them together with my little James not sitting still. haha
    The one of him in chair eating his chocolate bunny is too adorable.
    So glad you shared the magazine and organization with us. I need to find out more about it so I could send a donation in James name.
    I can't wait to see a picture of your Tulips. How I miss mine when I had my home in town. Be sure and let me know when you share your pictures.
    I am so glad you bought you this Kuerig. Every time I see one I want it and I don't drink coffee. Now what is wrong with that picture. My Kaci makes her hot chocolate all the time in hers and I think it would be neat to have one for that. lol
    Glad they have some chocolate you can enjoy too.
    It was warm here and now cold again. But by the weekend back in the 80's. Geez I wish it would just stay warm but I won't be sayint this in July will I?
    Take care honey and don't work too hard now that your back home.
    Love ya

  18. Hi Julia, welcome home. Your James is such a precious little boy, and baby Daniel is so handsome. What a wonderful family your daughter and her husband have. It must have been difficult to leave after a month, or maybe not. LOL. Enjoy that fancy machine of your's, my mom has a small keurig and enjoys it very much. BTW, did James get his carrot cake? Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  19. I don't drink coffee, but have had the chocolate from that machine..yumm! I've been eliminating soy also and you are so right, it's in everything! Cute pics of your family and how nice to be featured in a magazine!

  20. i'm glad you're back home and snuggled up with coffee
    ....i'm craving chocolate now! the sight of that
    sweet tot munching easter candy makes my sweet tooth roar!
    like taming a lion, that.
    enjoy your sweet time to yourself when you can,

  21. Just stopped by...That coffee maker is so fast! I've got one too, but remember waiting for peculator coffee to perk, then waiting for the grounds to settle before getting that 1st cup of coffee poured. Now everything is so fast, just like our lives.
    I enjoyed looking at your photos of the eagles nest, those are the things that just take your breathe away in the awe moment. I love nature & your photos are wonderful to view, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your daily coffee & the treat of finding a chocolate that you can indulge in.
    Thank you for your kind words to me Julia!

    Hugs Cynthia