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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Friday was nice and warm for a change and I decided to go for a walk in the pasture with my  camera and my new big lens. I wanted to take some  pictures of the eagle's nest way way up on the very top of an old pine tree in the lane.

A pair of eagles have been living in that nest for about 7 or 8 years or so. The nest has grown every year and it's incredibly large this year. It's hard to get a perspective on how large it is but my guess is that it's about the size of a car and my son agrees.

Here is my first shot with my telescopic lens. I was quite a distance from the tree. This shot is from the pasture behind the barn.

A closer view by zooming in, as viewed from the pasture.

This shot was taken in the field on the other side of the lane.

I wanted to show how tall the trees are and I had to go as far as the fence and I still  I could not get the whole trees from top to bottom with my telescopic lens. I'm learning....

So I walked pretty far to almost the end of the field on the other side of the lane to get far enough away from the trees to show the whole length of the trees. I should have taken my regular stabilizer lens with me as well and it would have saved me a lot of walking. Oh well, it was a nice day. You can see  a trace of snow along the shade of the trees. I'm still learning how to use my telescopic lens. I have so much to learn.

Just to give you a bit of perspective, the silos are 60 feet high and the pine trees near the silos are taller than the silos. The grass isn't green yet and the trees are still bare but spring is in the air.

Unfortunately, only one of the eagles was in sight and kept circling high in the air and this wasn't a great shot. I'll try again to get a better shot at some other time when one of them is closer. It's difficult to see them in the lens when they fly so fast.

While I was near the farm with my camera, I stopped in to take a few shots of the new calves. This one
 was camera shy and didn't even gave me her best side. She had a bit of scour but is on the mend.

This  little bull was getting excited to have his picture taken.

This newly born calf was  born in the dry cow area and was due on April 14. He got a bit dirty and the mother was put in a pen by herself because one of her quarter got mastitis. We didn't want the little bull to suckle on the bad quarter. He was still a bit wobbly.

Here is a new litter of 5 kittens. They were born in a calf pen  right in the open before we even got the chance to clean that pen  after the older calf was moved to the larger pen. Here two other cats are caring for the babies while the  mother is taking a break from nursing. Their eyes are starting to open.

I hope that you had a nice weekend.
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  1. It is really interesting that you are able to witness an eagle's nest growing from year to year. The only eagle nest I have seen is at Dollywood where they are in captivity for a period of time.

    I loved the tour of the farm!

    Have a good week-end!

  2. Oh what a nice stroll. Your trees are huge. I bet when the wind blows they sound like the surf on the ocean. Your calves are just beautiful. I really like that white little heifer. Your kittens are pretty too.
    I have only seen eagles nests in photos so I can't imagine how big they must be. I wonder if the other eagle is sitting.
    I like looking at all of your photos. You have such a pretty place.

  3. baby calves and baby kittens! spring on the farm, for sure! the eagle nest is awesome!!!

  4. hi Julia, i love the pictures you took! that eagles nest im sure is huge! it is really hard to put them in perspective even when you are taking a picture. i went for a drive the other day and took pictures of 2 eagles nests near here. i only used my phone tho and may get them on my blog yet. i keep asking my family if they can emagine what i would do with a camera! cuz im always taking pictures with my phone. i bet you are having fun with yours!! your babe calfs are soo cute! gosh such a busy time on the farm. i need to tell a friend of mine about your blog cuz she lives on a small cattle farm and has been telling me about their babes. its been dreary and sleety here today. i havent felt well for about a month..nothing serious and on the road to recovery but i sure havent accomplished much! i hope i get double my energy back! i think i need a good dose of sun and heat!! we still have tons of snow but slowly going down.. it will really cut into the growing season up here. oh and what adorable kittys! ive had 2 strays for years around here and think they must both be males cuz i have had no babys around.. those strays are more afraid of me then my dogs ect..i have tried to get them to come in to no avail tho.. they are nice big and healthy. i do feed them at times too. nice chatting with you! enjoy your evening julia!

  5. Where do I start. Holy cow, no pun intended, that Eagles's nest. I had no idea they were that large. I'm surprised the tree isn't toppled over with the wt. And that white calf looks like a deer print on his back so cute. And those little kittens, how I miss that. The little black and white one on his back is adorable. I need your big lens for shots here in the park. Some animals are just too far away for my camera. Really enjoyed this post. All the babies, ah Spring is in the air. Take care.

  6. Julia...your pictures are wonderful...what a fabulous lens...and photographer, too! The eagle nest is interesting to watch it evolve over many years. We have eagles fly over our house often, and we get so excited when we spy one...such majestic birds. The calves are so sweet. Glad you are able to get out now, and that the weather is finally bringing you some warmer days.
    Have a great Sunday,

  7. Lovely photos Julia, I can see you are enjoying your new lens... Love seeing photos from around your farm, I hope you share more with us. I have to ask, are you a grandmother of seven? or does baby Daniel make eight? Have a good evening, Julie.

  8. Eagles have just recently starting coming back to our area, a chain on lakes on the IL/WI border. We have a few pairs now. I love the calves & little bull. How adorable! Of course, the kittens melt my heart!

  9. So much goes on at your place, all the new animals and birds, it's great! I'm sure they are a lot of work.

  10. Great pictures, Julia! Why did I think Eagles' nests were on top of cliffs or mountains? guess from the movies... this is really fascinating... I'm gonna google for more information on their nests and such. what fun and right down your lane?!

    aw, the kitties and calves .... how long do you have to pen them before they go romp around? hah the little bull ... so shiny.

    Glad your weather is getting springy ... today was another absolutely stellar day here... out all day innit...

    HUGS and good night ;)

  11. Honey one word left by me to you would be a miracle. lol
    The word I would leave tonight would be Fabulous!
    These pictures are that and I so love it when you get your camera out and share with us your adventures around the home place.
    That nest is incredible. Never have I seen one like this.
    Maybe I should change that word to Amazing.
    More calfs and kittens. How you stay so busy.
    Hate to share this in a comment about Tinkerbell so maybe I won't I'll send you a email tomorrow. Nothing serious I hope but will ask your expert advice on it
    Glad the weather is warm enough for you to see signs of spring.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  12. Hi Julia, loved your pictures, especially of all the babies? I've only seen Eagles up,close a couple of times, they are magnificent. Enjoy your new lens. Ronda

  13. This is such an interesting post - I don't think many people are within sight of an eagle's nest - I do hope you might get a chance to zoom in on them when they are on the nest. I didn't know cats would care for each others' young so that was interesting too - all this new life on your farm - so much going on - the calves are lovely - as a child I used to lie in a field watching cows, I fell asleep one time and awoke to a whole lot of them circling me but as soon as I moved they all jumped back - such nervous things. I am reading a book at the moment where a little girl got to know cows near her home so well she managed to sit on their back! (My Lost Sister - great book). anyhow I'm off to Cornwall - no eagles there but possible a few cows. Betty

  14. Hi Julia,
    Welcome back from your 'baby vacation'!
    Love the pictures of James and Daniel, they are cuties!

    How wonderful to have eagles nesting on your property! hope the nest fills with lots of eaglets, though those baby kitties better watch out.

    Nice coffee machine! And yum for organic chocolate...

  15. lovely photos we have a pair of nesting eagles on the lake near by. They are such savangers and you have to be careful with small animals when they are around.

  16. Great shots of the eagle nest. Lot of new babies around your place. I love those little babies no matter what they are, it would be fun to visit your place. Hugs

  17. Hello Julia,

    I just found your blog from Yellow Haired Grandma. That eagle's nest is amazing. It's huge! I love the pictures of the new animals. Very nice.


  18. How cool to have an eagles nest on your property!
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Hugs :)

  19. Lucky YOU, able to watch eagles soar. You have beautiful talents. I love the quilt and rugs. I've got wool but how to start using it I haven't a clue.

  20. to answer your question from yesterday: yes, it caught a small fish on its 3rd try.

    i have a beginner dslr - a nikon d3100 (which i still haven't learned much about!) but i do have a great telephoto lens - a 150-500 mm sigma lens that allows me to get a lot of the shots i do around here - especially from across the pond. :)

    i thought i had your email in my contacts, but i don't so had to come back here to answer.

  21. what alot of aliveness you have happening over here!
    i love all the new life
    and nesting and soaring and even the title
    of your post gives my heart a lift.
    thanks for the beautiful gift,

  22. Great photos, Julia. I love seeing pics of your life on the farm. It's still chilly here, but the daffodils are blooming.


  23. Love the kittens. No farm is complete without them.

    Wow. Love the eagles nest. Such a gorgeous bird. You are so blessed to have such a treasure nearby.

    Cute little calf. I spent many hours bottle feeding and nursing those little darlings.