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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I got all the kittens and the mother safely to the SPCA and there was no mishaps except one of the black kitten didn't want to go in the cage by himself and when he wasn't looking I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pushed him in the cage with his other siblings.

I hope that they find a good home. The lady said that they de-flea and deworm them as soon as they come in. They were preparing a special promotion to have kittens adopted so that's why I was called so quickly. God did answer my prayer. Thank you God.

A quick update on my Childhood Memories rug.

I didn't go very far as I has lots of visitors throughout August and the first week of september . I started hooking again yesterday and The SPCA called and everything came to a halt again. There is just a little left to do and maybe re-hook or rearrange some of the lighter blue on the left of the hazelnuts. I was trying to use the worms I had without dying more wool. I've used a lot of as is wool in this rug.

Pink Scarf update:  39 inches

I've knitted little by little on the pink scarf but my knitting is not the best as I get pain in my fingers and knitting a soft fine yarn is rather challenging for me.  So far, the scarf measures 39 inches and I still have a way to go. I should get more knitted by the beginning of next week.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope for better weather for your weekend.


  1. oh, congratulations for getting all kittens and mom caught and delivered safely today!!! i do hope they will all be adopted into good homes! you were kind to take care of them.

    i LOVE your rug!!! holy smokes! such fine detail!!!

  2. Love your rug! It is really looking beautifuler and beautifuler each time I see it!

    beautiful day here! got Charlie for the weekend ... he's asleep and I'm watching goofy movies ... and YouTubes... ha

    with windows down and fresh air! yay!

  3. Hope the kitties are happy with new homes soon! I love your rug. It's really a labor of love and I can't wait to see it all finished. You'll have to explain each scene and what it means. Great job!

  4. The rug just gets better and better. You're almost there, just a little left. Great work and yay for the kittens too.

  5. So glad the kittens will find a home. Your childhood memories rug is so beautiful. When it is finished will you frame it. It should win an award. Hope you are having a good week-end.

  6. So glad all went well with the kittens and their mom...I hope they are put in homes that will love and appreciate them....You will be blessed for making sure they were taken care of...thank you....

    Your rug is beautiful and I can only image all the time it has taken to complete it...I am sure you will cherish this rug for many years to come...And I love the scarf you are knitting too...Can't wait to see it completed....

  7. Julia, your rug is just wonderful! I can't wait to see it finished...it's beautiful! Your scarf is looking good...such a pretty soft, pink. Hope all the kitties find good homes.
    Enjoy your Sunday,

  8. I am praying for the kitties! Thank you for caring, Julia. I love your rug! Wow, it is so very special! Hugs!

  9. Great news on the kitties and their mom. Bless you for helping them! Your rug is looking great, when you find the time to work on it is amazing to me with all you do. The scarf is coming along too I see. Good job on both. Hugs

  10. Hopefully the kitties will find good homes. Sad to see them go but you can't keep them all.
    Rug is looking great!

  11. I LOVE your rug, Julia! Good job with the kittens. Hope they find good homes. Sarah

  12. I hope the kittens find good homes - they are so cute! And your scarf is so pretty. I used to crochet but haven't done so in years.... I kept meaning to start again, and then Hurricane Sandy took care of all my supplies...

    Thanks so much for your comment on McGuffy Ann's site (her review of my book - Dangled Carat) - I really appreciate it

    There is a giveaway on my blog to celebrate the publication (autographed book, $25 Victoria Secret Gift Card, Sandi Rose CD) - I'd love if you can check it out...

  13. You're such a great kitty mama:) Really glad you got the SPCA to take them. THey got a good start in life, thanks to you. Joining your prayers that each of them finds just the right home and has a sweet and happy life.
    Your rug is a marvel.....so beautiful, wonderwoman:)
    And your pink scarf....how do you do it all?
    Honestly, you're a real life pioneer:)
    Thanks for sharing your life....it's a rich one
    and I feel richer for getting to share it.

  14. Yay for the cats! That is a win!

    Your memory rug is amazing. I can't believe the detail. You are so talented.

  15. So glad your back to your rug, wow it's so nearly finished. I just love the whole look of it & how your eyes move from one scene in your life to another. Such wonderful memories for you Julia! You've such a big heart for life & all creatures great & small & it's shown in your memory rug - animals & people all through it! God has bless you Julia & I'm thankful that you stumbled upon my blog & are part of my 'blog life'. Your so kind & positive & I find your stories of life funny, amusing, & enlightening. I do hope you write one about it in a book one day, if not...keep blogging & sharing your very full life via blogging.