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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


WELCOME MARCH... I'm so happy that March is finally here and as usual, I'm late at welcoming it.

My thoughts has turned to rug hooking has the sun is warming up my hooking room.
I dyed some wool a Khaki green in different batches and even though I stirred the wool while it simmered in the dye bath and I stirred also after the vinegar was added before I put back the wool in the pot and I stir some more several times, it still comes out a bit blotchy.  I'll be working from what I have and we'll see how it turns out.  Usually I want a blotchy wool but this time I was trying for a more uniform color. I'll show you my progress when I have enough to show

I needed to do some more shovelling on the big deck a few days ago for obvious reasons...

This is a view from the sunroom in the back.  It was difficult to open the screen door as the snow was packed against it.

I managed to shovel to the Bar B Q and the snow was higher than the rail. No trees budding yet in our area...


I ponder a lot as I work and today I thought that I would share my reflexion with you.

This morning as I was  caring for my calves, it dawned on me that we have seasons in our own personal lives just like we have seasons in nature.

Spring is when we are young and everything is new and beautiful and we have no worries and depend on our parents for all our needs. We can't wait to be old enough to do what we can't do because we are too young...

We are in our Summer when we start to be on our own. We have arrived. We are sure footed and go about our lives without worry of ever getting old and feeble.... We are more interested in living life without worrying about the future.

 Then as we start to get older and notice we are not as spry as we used to be, wrinkles are showing up everywhere, hair gets thinner, we are in our Autumn. We realize that we didn't get everything done that we could or should have done....

 When we really slow down and are aware that we won't live for ever and are full of aches and pain, our senses are diminished and we can't go back, we get slower and slower and the end is in sight, we become aware that we are in our Winter.

I'm sure you can add to this but this was my reflexion this morning.

We all have to go through our seasons one at a time just like mother Nature.  Enjoy today the best you can.
Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comments. I really appreciate them.


  1. i'm sure your khaki wool will be fine. the snow is amazing.

    i am in the autumn of my life. wish i could embrace it as well as i should. :)

  2. What a lovely post. Some of my poetry has been about the seasons of life. I am so amazed by your hooking, projects, and creativity. I admire you very much, my friend. HUGS!

  3. Luscious green wools you ended up with Julia - can't wait to see them hooked up in a project! Deep thoughts today!

  4. Julia, your thoughts describe beautifully the seasons of our lives. Thank you for sharing.
    Your hand dying looks lovely. I can't wait to see what you're going to make.
    Sure hope you see Spring soon....and the snow melts.
    Take care.

  5. I like the wool blotchy!!! It's got character!!! Can't wait to see it in duty!

    Your reflection on seasons in life is very true, I totally see it and the analogy is an attractive one. All the seasons are valued for their individual attributes.

    Oh my, that snow!!!!

    And thank you, dear friend for all your lovely comment, I am so glad I found your blog and met you.x x

  6. Lovely reflection. I am sure your wool will be fine.
    we are in for snow tonight 3-6 I will be glad when it is sunshine and warm breezes.

  7. Julia, you have the most wonderful attitude. I admire you so much for spinning. I used to work with someone who also spun wool into yard. It was fascinating to watch her work with it.

  8. I like your wool very much. I also like your thoughts. They are so true.
    I can deny it but it is still there. I am wearing out at an incredible pace.
    I can't believe all of that snow.
    A giant snow cone on your porch.
    Now that it is March I hope it starts looking a bit like spring.

  9. Love your blotchy wool! Can't wait to see what you are hooking.

  10. You nailed it Julia. Those same thoughts have been with me lately.
    I'm not sure what we'd do with that much snow :)

  11. The green wool may not have been what you were trying to achieve but I really like the varied shades! You have been thinking along the same lines that I have been lately. Husband and I are in our Autumn. We have some tough decisions ahead of us and changes are coming because of being in our Autumn of life. I can't imagine having that much snow. I think I would go crazy having to deal with that.

  12. I see you are back hard at work sweet Julia. That is a LOT of snow. Love the way you described the seasons of our lives. Thank you so much for all you super comments on my blog. My arm is getting better, but sometimes I forget and move it the wrong way and have a bit of set-back, but it will heal eventually. Take care of your sweet self and stay warm. Hugs

  13. I'm totally aware of the seasons of my life too. Perhaps that is why I don't fret the small stuff life vacuuming up the wool bunnies. Yesterday I was reflecting on the things which were important to me 10 years ago and more and find they are no longer important to me.

    Oh my Julia, that snow must really have put a burden on farm work. Sorry you had that much but am glad it wasn't that much here. Hope your calf begins to eat.

  14. OOPS, forgot to mention I love your dyed wool and bet the mottled look will work in just fine.

  15. It's true that we need to pace ourselves if at all possible. There are a lot of things to enjoy and if we're all worn out, we'll be crabby, right?
    I like your wools! They are earthy and strong. I know how it feels to see piles of snow and icebergs everywhere. I am ready for green grass and soft earth and I know you are, too. Take care, good JB.

  16. I've had those same thoughts over the years. In this day and age the seasons are sometimes blurred. People have better health care and ways of staying younger looking...perhaps even living longer. But no matter what happens, the Winter of our lives will arrive. Having a good attitude about it helps keep the smiles that make the prettiest wrinkles! Working hard like you do helps to keep you young. Your wool is interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing your project you have for it. Take care and stay warm!

  17. Hello,
    I enjoyed you sharing your thoughts. It is so true.
    I also love the wool project. It is so fascinating to me.
    I am in awe over all that snow. I shared your photo with my boys and they always say "No Fair!, we want all that snow." :-))
    Take Care and Think Spring,

  18. Hi Julia, Every step of the way Life is an adventure. I do think the older you get you realize how precious your time is. When I play with my little grandson I think I am trying to make a memory of me.Your words were so true and spot on. Hugs and keep warm cheri

  19. Love that shade of wool!!!
    The only season I want to think about now is spring...lol!
    Hugs :)

  20. I am late with my blog reading! I like your use of seasons to describe our stages in life. I believe I am in the Autumn of mine.:-) xo Nellie

  21. That is A LOT of snow!!! I wish I lived there so that I could shovel for you!!

  22. Very true thoughts on seasons... I'm hoping to keep at Autumn for as long as I can! :-) I love the pic of the barbeque! It sure does define exactly what "a lot" of snow actually is! We are getting more snow today... but nowhere near what you have... stay warm and keep thinking greens of Spring!!! :-)

  23. Beautifully put! We should have our summer at the end of our lives, though. That would give us something to look forward to. It's all messed up.

  24. Hooray, Julia! Love your wonderful dyed wools! I can't believe all of your snow! In Vermont, I used to shovel the snow on our porch, down the stairs and the steps to the road and sometimes to the garage door. Then Joe would get the snowblower out of the garage and do the rest. However, I am glad this year that I was not in Vermont as I couldn't have done all the shoveling myself. But I do love the snow and hooking by the woodstove...lovely memories!
    Happy Hooking! Sunnie :)

  25. And this is why I love your blog! I love seeing what you do with your amazing talents - hearing about your farm stories and experiences - seeing photos of your family - and reading your profound thoughts - you're an inspiration Julia!

  26. Hi Julia,
    As some one else said, the only season I want to think about right now is Spring! I'm so bad at time frames. Half the time I don't even know how old I am, I'm not kidding. It isn't something I think about.

    Each and every time I come here, I find you bursting with energy and creativity! Truly amazing! Just look at the wool, I love the blotchy color. If I looked at it long enough I bet the colors would blend much like the seasons of our lives:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Julia...stay warm...we aren't expecting snow for at least a week! Come on Spring!!!

  27. Julia-I've been away on travels and I feel like I've missed so much here at your blog. Look at all that snow--- incredible. We got slammed with 14 inches the day after we came home-- it's just starting to melt now.

    Your analogy of life as seasons gives us all something to think about...

  28. Very insightful. I think I've always been a creature of wishing I was in a different season other than the one I'm in. I need to be more mindful of finding joy where I am.

    Your snow makes me tired and wanna cry for you.

  29. I really enjoyed your thoughts about the seasons of our life. Very well said. I also find that my moods throughout the year sort of go through seasons too. After the long winter I am bursting with energy and life. In the summer I get so much done and feel that I have lots of energy. In the fall I start to wind down and nest a little. Then comes winter, my least productive time. I tend to stay inside more and cozy up on the couch. Each season is beautiful in its own way and I appreciate each phase for a time and then I am ready for the next one.

    I love all the shades of green. I bet whatever you make will end up looking beautiful!

    I hope some warmer weather comes to you soon so that the snow will start to melt a bit on its own and make shoveling out a little easier each day.

  30. I suppose I'm in my Autumn and I'm liking that:)
    There is a beauty about each season, just like the beauty
    that you create with your hands even in the snow shoveling
    and soup making. Winter will come with it's beauty, too.
    Here's to a wonderland of winter when that season arrives
    for us all:) (I have a feeling you'll weather each season
    in a really grand way)

  31. Wow Julia...Deep snow & deep thoughts & oh so reflective of our 'season of life'. Yes winter is the hardest season but it also has so much beauty & is protective of the earth below all the snow. Which will come to life again in the spring. It reminds me of the Rankin's song 'We Rise Again' I've already informed my kids that's the song I want played at my resting place. I themed my daughters wedding to Joni Mitchell's song 'Seasons' & did a picture slide show(it was 1997) of her & her husband from infancy to marriage not a dry eye in the hall, by the time the song was done. :) I've never met you in person Julia but your oh so familiar to me & make sense of life. Always positive & complimenting so much like our warm, bright sun in this solar system. Keep on shining sunshine!
    Warm hugs,

  32. PS....
    And your khaki coloured wool looks so military, can't wait to see the progress on your rug. Sorry for the PS.. I was deep in your philosophy that I forgot what I first read! lol
    Have a great week & I'm sending you my sunshine from today!

  33. Life as seasons is a good analogy...beautifully put...