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Friday, March 13, 2015


For those  of you who are skeptic, not to worry, I haven't gone totally  wacky yet... We call unfinished objects UFO. As most rug hookers knows, a lot of us like to hook but finishing the edges is not as exciting so we often finish hooking a rug and roll it up and put it away. Out of sight, out of mind until we find it again just to gingerly put it back in it's hiding place because we want to start a new rug...

This is exactly what happened to me this week when I was looking for a piece of wool. I found my little prim kitty rug that I had won as a give away from Lauren of Rugs and Pugs blog.

Here is the cute prim kitten  rug kit I received  on March 24, 2011. It was hooked up and  I had several ideas but couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it so it was rolled up and put away with the other UFOs.

This week, I was hooking and needed a place to rest my sharp snipper scissors  without scratching my table and then a light bulb went on... I'll use my kitten rug as a protective mat for my table.  I love to look at it because it reminds me of Lauren, a special generous blogger friend.

I cut a piece of charcoal wool about half an inch wider than the rug and sewed it on the back.
It's purrfect to protect my table from scratches and all my tools are where I can find them. Thanks again Lauren. I love it even more now that I have a good use for it.

To show you how I did it. I basted the zigzag edge of the backing  about half of an inch with white thread so I could pull it out easily after I was done.
Then I basted the back to hold it together and carefully sewed small stitches around close to the loops to hide all the white. The color came out blue but it is actually charcoal.  Since it was a small project, it was rather fun. I don't know why I didn't think of a use for it until now. It was meant to be...

Here is the back finished.

An update on my grandfather rug. I think I'll have to dye some more wool as I find the dark outline too dark. I had dyed some dark grey wool but apparently it was too dark to begin with.  I'll leave it for now until finished.

 The maple leaves on the collar were too bright so I married some wool to tone the color down and I used it on the buttons.  It's more of a burnished gold. Now I want to pull the maple leaves and re-hook them.  It won't take long to do that but I hate to rip...

I still haven't fixed that right eye in the inner corner. I need to bring the corner down a notch. Easier said than done and that's why it's still there. I need to be in the right mood to re-hook that...

My sign of Spring. Daffodils growing next to about three feet of snow on the South side on the lower cement deck in the back of the yard. It was too cold to get in the snow in my slippers so I took the shot at a distance.  The photo is too dark but you can see the shoot coming out.

The snow has gone down a lot when we had a few warm days but it's been cold again but sunny.
Thanks for your visit. I never take you for granted. I always appreciate your comments. They make me feel like you stopped to say Hi.

Only 6 days and 23 hours and some minutes to SPRING. Yeah.....



  1. love the cat mat! so cute! and hooray for a sign of spring!

  2. Julia, you did a great job on your kitty mat. What a great idea to use it to gather your hooking tools. Your grandfather rug is wonderful! His eyes are beautiful! You are so very talented to be able to reproduce his likeness in wool! We all will enjoy seeing the progress on this beauty!
    Spring is on the way!

  3. I love the rugs. It seems like it would be relaxing doing that. I've never tried buts my sister is a hooker.
    We're seeing signs of spring all around.
    Here, but we have' seen the end of spring I fear.

  4. Glad the wonderful kitty mat has found a use. Also love how your grandfather rug is coming along. I don't know when I will ever have time to hook again. That and quilting is something I do for myself and use them for a break from the studio. Problem is the studio is staying busy - getting ready for upcoming open house and shows. Spring is all around us here with Robins and grass turning green! Hopefully your snow will melt away soon!

  5. Your portrait rug is amazing. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice rugs! That looks like hard work. Oh guys still have snow. It's been pretty warm here in Nashville--although it was only a week and a half ago that we were covered in ice!

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  8. OOOPS, I deleted the previous comment because my fingers hit the wrong keeps and my name wasn't spelled right. Who doesn't know how to spell their name????

    Wonderful hooking on both. I find it hard as heck to dye wool to totally match what I've done before. Well, have gotten better at that since I write down the exact recipe and keep better notes than I used to.

    Glad your snow is melting but it sure looks mighty massive to me. Snow here has melted and have had rain so that there is so much water in the back yard wooded area there are two mallards swimming around back there. Let me try again.....

  9. I love the cat mat! Of course! But, I greatly admire your gifted, talent of hooking. Beautiful work, my friend.
    Yea for Spring! I will feel human again soon!

  10. What a cute mat and what a nice finish! I am seeing a few daffodils sprouting, too, thank goodness. Happy spring to you, Julia. Sarah

  11. Hi Julia,
    Just popping by to say Hi and to swoon over your amazing UFOs. I think it is incredible that you can "paint" such gorgeous things with a hook and yarn. That mat is perfect for keeping things handy and it won't get messed up. (silly me, I may have used it as a coaster, goes to show you how much I know:)

    WOW! You still have a lot of snow. Much of ours was rained away the last couple of days but, it is still pretty cold outside. I took a walk into the garden today in the rain. No signs of life yet. It's wonderful to see your daffodils making headway. Won't be long now!

    Thanks for sharing, Julia...

  12. That's a cute cat rug. Your grandfather project is just amazing. You still have lots of snow.

  13. That's a cute cat rug. Your grandfather project is just amazing. You still have lots of snow.

  14. I can't believe you still have that much snow and it's amazing that you have a daffodil coming up...The cat mat is so cute and so perfect for your tools. Now was just the right time, uh? I am so amazed at your hooking skills. The rug you are doing of your grand dad is just amazing.....

  15. Hi Julia,
    Had a few minutes to catch up on some blog reading! I am amazed at the amount of snow you have! Reminds me of our winter last year!
    Your Grandfather rug is already a stunning piece of art! And I love the use of the kitty mat for your scissors! What a great idea! I finally picked up my hook after almost two months of not hooking.... because I had an order for a small mat.... so sad it took that to get the hook out.
    Thank you for your inspiring post!!
    Cathy G

  16. Our snow melted down a bit but we are in the middle of a snow ice storm. Your grandfather rug is amazing!
    I always love my visit with you.

  17. Hi,
    I love the kitty. :-)
    Your Grandfather rug is just amazing. I do love it. You are very talented.
    I have been looking for daffodils to peek and say Hi too. So far they are still sleeping. All of mine are on the North side of the house.
    xx oo

  18. What a cute kitty mat sweet Julia. I can see your sign of spring next to all that snow, melting has a long way to go at your place. I have never seen that much snow in person. Your grandfather rug is going to be an amazing work of art and something to cherish. After our snow and ice melted we have been drenched with rain. We have had over 7 inches of rain since the 1st of the month. I hope it is getting warmer there and all that snow will be gone by the first day of spring. Stay warm and safe sweet friend as you buzz around like a busy bee, working so hard. Hugs

  19. I can't believe how Amazing your rugs are! You are SO skilful! They are beautiful and so painstakingly done. Ha ha, UFO indeed!!! I can't believe how much snow you STILL have, that is immense!! I shall never moan about UK snow again.x

  20. What lovely hooking you do Julia. Your rugs are so incredible. Your grandfather rug is going to look like a painting. I am so glad you are seeing signs of spring. I will be so glad when all of that snow melts.
    I bet you really will. Have a lovely day.,

  21. Great use for a little mat and the perfect finish on it too! Grandfather is looking handsome! :-) If a mighty and determined daffodil can push away 3 ft of snow... then hope truly does SPRING eternal! :-)

  22. Julia,
    So happy you found a use for your kitty mat. Isn't it amazing how we can procrastinate on the finishing?
    Your grandfather rug is stunning!!!
    So happy you are seeing signs of spring in spite of still having so much snow. THERE IS HOPE!!!
    Hugs :)

  23. Hello Julia. I am so glad to see daffodils coming out. They are for sure two more weeks away here. Today the wind is chilling and crosses through.Not a good day to be outside. I love the outcome of grand -father's rug.You did such a great job with the face that I can see our brother Clovis in it. We are always busy here.I had lots of family visiting in the pass two weeks. It brings the spring closer,when people start to visit. My daughter came 2 weekends in a row .They slept over with 7 of the kids on the first week and 5 of them this weekend.The twins were taken care by their much older sister Ashley.She is now 20 and the twins are 3 and a half. I will send you pictures in your e-mail.Take care. Hugs and kisses .

  24. oh look at that hopeful little sprig pushing up through the melting snow!
    bravo, you brave little guys:)
    love your rug-making......hope the UFO's find a landing space and
    end up exactly where you're dreaming of:)
    happy trails through this last little snippet of winterness,

  25. Glad you rescued your UFO, I have a few in need of rescuing except mine are quilts. You are such a talented rug hooker and I stand in amazement overtime you post one!

  26. Wow! Your rugs are amazing! You're so talented! For a moment I thought that you really saw an UFO and got a little scared ;D

  27. Hey Julia...Grandpa is looking great!!!! :) I know what you mean about being in the mood to change something...I feel the same way!!!
    I like your idea for the little "cat mat"...always nice to have something finished and put to good use!!!
    I'm hooking away and at least using up some more woolworms on this rug!!! Happy hooking! Hugs, Sunnie :)

  28. Hi Julia, I too have a lot of UFOs (unfinished projects) too. Thank you for sharing the idea with cat mat.

  29. I love your UFO's! Very clever.

    Uh, your snow makes me want to cry for you. That thaw is going to be nasty mucky and yucky!

  30. You are a fine rug hooker, JB! Aw, I'm sorry about the snow. I bet you are ready to say goodbye to all those icebergs.
    I hope the sun melts it all very soon! Stay warm in the meantime.

  31. Glad to see that your rug hooking again & finishing a UFO, great job & I love your kitty mat! Your solider is looking so handsome, I've never tackled a person to hook but yours looks great! Oh that snow I really hope that it's going to just vanish soon & be just a memory. The snow is nearly all gone here & freezing rain is now in the air because of the freezing temperatures we still have. Spring is coming & your bulbs are coming to life, even though the snow banks are still high. Let the spring season begin! Have a great week Julia.

  32. Julia- you are SO busy with all that you do on the farm-- I don't know how you ever finish a project. Your grandfather project is just amazing-- I'm totally in awe every time you post about it!!

    I'm sure you can't wait for spring to arrive-- you've had a long hard winter from a weather perspective....