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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I've noticed that since I've started blogging on August 2, 2010 a lot of the bloggers are no longer blogging every day and it seems that they post less and less just like me, others blog once in a blue moon and others have stopped blogging all together and I wonder why but I know life happens along the way... I keep checking everyone's blog and comment even if I don't post just  because I feel like you are my friends.

 For me, I feel too tired at the end of the day to bother and I put it off and then I have so much stuff to blog about that I can't make up my mind what to choose so I don't blog. In the summer, I do pretty much the same from year to year, weed,  mow the lawn, feed calves, plant gardens, office work, meals, run errands and do housework so it's kind of repetitious. I don't have time to run around with a heavy camera around my neck and I don't have a Smart phone to take carry with me to take those awesome shots that happens when you least expect it.

Some of you have been after me to post so here it is today. For dear Kezzie all the way across the ocean, here are photos of  my last two little calves.

An overhead shot of the two of them. The shiny black one is a heifer calf named Lemmon and the other one is a bull calf that we don't name as he is sold. He looks small but he is about 130 pounds and very strong.

I tried to take a decent photo of the two of them standing and they just wouldn't stay still two second. After they were fed, they laid down and I got this shot. Anyone who has tried to take photographs of curious calves can tell you it's not easy. It takes another person to distract them while the other takes their pictures.

Daniel is sitting in his booster seat next to mama while James is sitting on the end.

James is trying out some pasta salad. It doesn't seen to be to his liking...

He said  he didn't like it before even trying but he must at least do the taste test.

Weeding... yes weeding...

I got many wheelbarrowful of these kind of weeds on the edges of the back vegetable garden. These long roots runs under the ground and spread and have to be totally dug out to remove them. If you cut them up they will roots everywhere.

This is what they look like where it grows  in the hayfield  along beside of the garden.

Weeds along the long bed by the driveway.  Mostly wood sorrel and so hard to get rid of.

More weeds around the big rock

Creeping Charlie weeds have taken over my my lawn.

A little row of snowpeas for stir frys.

Some spinach that is ready to be picked

Early cabbage and some chickweeds sprouting again after all the rain.

Some Roma tomatoes starting to grow.

A row of Spanish onion, a row of red onions and a row of yellow  onions

My little potato patch is doing really well after digging out those weeds with long white roots. Notice some Milkweeds have been left for butterflies on the left.

My peonies are starting to bloom

Some peonies way out by the shed have also started to bloom. 

Hopefully I'll be posting again this week. I have more family pictures and I missed some really good shots while being preoccupied in preparing meals.
 Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's always nice to see a post from you, no matter what the topic. I often struggle with whether to post my random stuff or not. I'm not hooking much so the rest is work, and chores.

  2. Good to hear from you and see a bit more of your lovely yard and wonderful animals! You have a very busy and full life and that can make it hard to find the time to blog. But I'm always happy to read what you post! Take care Julia!

  3. i'm always amazed you keep the flower beds that you do - in addition to the veggie garden and all your work at the barn and the calves.

  4. I always love your posts and I'm especially touched by the calves-thank you!!! Lemmon and his pal are very cute!!! The peonies are gorgeous and you've done so much Amazing work on your garden. That's kind of you to leave the Milkweed for the butterflies. I look forward to your next post!!!x

  5. Hi Julia,
    I always love when you post. Thank you for sharing your calf photos. It makes me think of HOME. :-)
    You are one amazing onion farmer. What is your trick? Your onions look wonderful! Mine are not doing very well. :-(

    1. Carla, the only trick to get my onions to a good start is to plant them as early as the ground can be worked. They seem to do better when planted early.
      I threw in a slow release all purpose vegetable fertilizer and mixed in the soil before planting.

      I've noticed that when I plant my onions later, they never seem to catch up. Hope this helps.

  6. The weeding you do is so impressive! Your peonies are SO lovely.

  7. I too have noticed a decline in blogger activity lately. Maybe it's part Google herding us into G+ systems that I don't understand yet, or the trend into other social media that doesn't encourage writing beyond abbreviations and emoticons. But I do read and appreciate your posts. Am also refreshed by your garden photos --they are green! As an old gardener in drought-stricken California, I am most impressed.

  8. Totally agree with your comment on bloggers not keeping up as much on blogger since that is a choice which people stumble upon and decide to follow. The others for mass media have gone to Facebook which I do NOT like. JMHO.

  9. I know I've been slacking on my blogging lately, especially the commenting! I've been so tired, and trying to keep up with my work I don't take the time that I used to, to comment. I know I should though, or folks will think I'm not reading their blogs any more! Sometimes I think everyone gets tired of reading the same thing each year, baling hay, planting corn, etc.
    Your garden looks great! It's nice to see peonies and iris blooming, when ours have been done for several weeks. Thanks for posting the pictures! How do you keep after all those beds, with your farm work? :)

  10. I am always glad to see your posts. I do post less but I am not where near ready to give it up. your gardens look lovely weeds and all. Good to see you have time with family. and who doesn't like the baby calves.

  11. Julia,
    As always, so good to hear from you, my hard working friend. I am sorry to have read your comment on someone's blog about your arthritis. You work to hard to be in pain!
    Your peonies are beautiful.
    Hugs :)

  12. And...I may not blog as much as I used to, but I still prefer it to Facebook. To me it is much more personal.

  13. Your bucket is full just keeping your head above the water but you have an amazing place to show for it.
    A smartphone in your pocket does allow you to capture amazing moments that slip away before you can get to the house to fetch the camera.

  14. Those calves are so cute and those peonies are gorgeous! Great pics of James! lol! I wonder what was it about pasta salad he did not like?
    I'm finding the same trend with blogs I follow... i think it is the time factor as I find a lot of people like the "quick" of Instagram and Facebook. I do not have accounts for either of those (no smart phone for easy pics either).... and much prefer blogging... though yes, I have been blogging less... but plan on blogging more once I get all my projects organized here... :-) Enjoy the Summer Days!!!

  15. Always so happy to see you. I love the pictures of your calves. They are so sweet. Your family is, too, of course. All that weeding! Oh, I feel for you. It is so tedious. Do you have help? Post when you feel like it. Sometimes it is just not possible. Yes, life happens. Hugs! ❤

  16. Weeds are annoying! We have weeds forming under our bird feeder where birds drop seeds while they're eating. I'm not sure what to do about it. There must be a bird seed catcher out there!

    As for blogging, yes, most people don't stick with it more than a couple of years or so. People come and go. I just read the blogs of people who comment mine, so if someone stops reading, they drop off my radar within a week or so. As long as they're commenting at least every few days, I'll just keep checking their blog every couple of days or so until they finally blog again!

  17. I think sometimes, that life just happens. I know for me June has been like I have been hit by a runaway train. I can hardly keep my head above water right now.
    I keep hoping to get back to daily writing soon. I love your peonies!! They are just fantastic. It is so nice to see what they should look like. Not these sad things I have because it really is too hot here for them. Your garden and flowerbeds look fantastic.
    I hope you have a good week and I love seeing pictures of your family.

  18. Hi Julia,
    You are QUITE the gardener!! Such beautiful lawns, gardens, and flowers!! Sadly, I do NOT have a green thumb, so I truly admire those who do!! Those calves are just darling and I think trying to take their picture is much like me trying to take photos of my two granddaughters!!! Such sweet faces!!! Loved the face of your grandson least he tried it!!! lol
    I love blogging but for me, it is always a time thing.....not enough of it, but I truly appreciate when others find time to comment and try to do the same!! It amazes me how what we may think is mundane and boring may be just what someone else needs to read!!! Keep posting! It is good for you AND for your readers/friends!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Warm Hugs~

  19. It is always good to hear from you. I enjoy the farm, gardens and your flowers! Life is too busy and hectic so that is the reason I have not been blogging lately. Seems summer is all about work and weeds!

  20. Those calves are too cute! Gardening season makes me so happy. I love getting out there and getting my hands dirty and seeing my veggies, flowers, and herbs grow. :) I am actually on my first blogging break (I have never taken off more than a week or two a year). It has been about two weeks so far- but I am taking the time to write. Only taking a little longer- though I could use more time. I miss blogging, but even on a break I like to visit my blogging friends.

    Great to hear what you have been up to and see picts too! :)

  21. Hey Julia, glad to read what you have been up to, I know you stay extremely busy...As much as I love summer and all it has to offer, I find myself so busy catching up with everything after the long hard winter...Daniel and James are growing like weeds, and speaking of weeds I swear they pop up over night! PS... I love your hooked rug, it is a true work of art! Hugs from Maine, Julie...

  22. I know what you mean about disappearing blogging friends. I've been blogging for seven years and I've seen so many come and go. Still, it's always nice to make new buddies.

  23. Love hearing from you, Julia. Your gardens are so wonderful! I love to see all the things we are unable to grow down here in the heat. Your grands are such handsome lads! Love watching them grow. I have been a bad blogger lately. I'm trying to get back in the saddle again. I won't ever go to Facebook...too "out there".

  24. It is good to have you to encourage us in the blogging world. Even though we are only friends in the blogging world, there is a bonding and it is good to keep the friendship going. Gardening is tough work and you have a lovely garden.

  25. It is good to have you to encourage us in the blogging world. Even though we are only friends in the blogging world, there is a bonding and it is good to keep the friendship going. Gardening is tough work and you have a lovely garden.

  26. Hi Julia, nice to meet you. You got a really huge and wonderful garden. All your flowers and vegetables are very beautiful and healthy. I enjoy looking at all your pictures. Gardening is a good source of exercise and a great hobby too.

    I'd been blogging for 5 years, initially was very active..hahaha... now slow down to one posting a month. I'm working full time, so its a bit time consuming to update every week. But its great to be able to meet friends from all the 4 continents.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards

  27. Hi Julia--
    Your gardens are becoming so lush-- it must be an incredible amount of work for you to keep up your gardens as well as all of the farm. I love seeing your new calves-- if I lived on a farm, that would be my favorite part-- the new babies.

    I understand your thoughts about blogging-- while I LOVE my blog-- I have to work it into my busy life. I do well to post twice a month-- and can't even do that right now. I think people understand-- even if you posted everyday--- I couldn't possibly keep up.
    I think we all just do the best we can---- but I do truly value the friendships I've made:)

  28. I love your garden pictures. You've inspired me to take a few of my own and blog about it.
    I'm like many. I've been blogging since 2008 and I realized I post the same stuff year after year. Gardening, canning, kids, grandkids.....and yes, life is busy and sometimes it's hard and I don't want to blog about that.
    I treasure you as a friend1