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Saturday, July 1, 2017


These last two weeks, we had rain and sunshine, rain and sunshine pretty well every day. Today it's been raining quite a bit but it seems that the rain is over for now. Still a very wet gloomy day.  Since I can't be outside working and it's Canada 150th Birthday and it's also Canada Day, 1st of July, I'm taking a bit of time to post on my blog. What a slacker blogger I've been...

On Monday June 26, in the afternoon, I mowed the front lawn and the side by the house and brought the mower to the back lawn. It was time to go to the barn to care for my calves and check if one of the cow had calved. I left the mower in it's tracks with the intention of finishing the job after supper.

We had a new calf, I came home from the barn extremely tired as it was hot.  I had some garlic bread and leftover spaghetti for supper, sprinkled with parmesan and some hot sauce that my daughter Christine and son in law Joe gave me.  I love hot sauce...

I hope the name doesn't offend anyone but it's called Gator's Squeezin from The Pucker Butt Company and rightly so... This sauce is very hot as it's made from Carolina Reapers hot peppers. These peppers are the world hottest peppers on the Scoville scale. We eat a lot of Cayenne pepper because it's good for our health but this sauce is much hotter than Cayenne pepper.

 So after supper I said to George, "I'm too tired to finish mowing the lawn. I'm just going to put the lawn mower in the Gazebo for the night  because it's going to rain tonight and  I'll finish the job tomorrow".

I put my hands on the handle and thought to myself, "Maybe I can mow a few strips before I put the mower away. The moment I pulled the string, the mower started and I pushed and to my surprise, I had lots of energy left and I cut the whole back lawn and even a strip around the back garden behind the hedge.  I still had some energy left... Pucker Butts Power I thought and I started to laugh out loud to myself.

I ended up with 2 bottles of this hot sauce because the other bottle was for our priest, Father Maria from India . I made him taste it on the end of a tooth pick and he found it too hot. I'm wondering how Bill my son in law has tried his bottle.  Here in Canada they are available in Ottawa at $10.00 a bottle.  If you're interested in hot sauce, you can check  the Pucker Butt Company.  They have won many awards for their hot sauces.

Now for petals and what is growing in my vegetable garden.

These photos were all taken on Monday, July 26 and the garden has grown more since then. My potatoes have blossoms on right now.

Tomatoes, parsley, sweet basil, sweet peppers, cabbage, broccoli, romaine lettuce and onions.

My end of the garden was a weed patch at one time after the strawberry patch was abandoned to weeds. I reclaimed a little part last year and again this year and I will reclaim yet another last section that you see there at the end where the tall weeds are.  I has intentioned of weeding that part last fall but it did not happened. It's full of burdocks, angelica, wild oat grass, creeping charlie, wood sorrel  and many others.

Roma tomatoes,  one cherry tomatoes and one low acid yellow tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Not shown are my beans and carrots that I planted very late.

My gazebo is a messy place as I use it to shelter my gardening junk from the rain. I have soil all mulch all in bags on the seats so I have no place to sit yet. My swings are in need of a good scrub and painting. These photos were taken today in the rain.

I have two of these John Davis rose bushes, one each in memory of mom and dad. My dad love roses.

A William Baffin tall arching rose bush desperately wanting more sun.

A Grootendorst with two tones.  It's just starting blooming.

This one is called Blanc Double De Coubert and is very fragrant.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It means a lot to me when you do. Gardening is hard work but I enjoy the beauty in each different flower and the goodness of fresh veggies.
Have a safe and Happy Canada Day and 150th Canada Birthday to my Canadian friends and families and happy 4th of July to my American friends.
Smiles & hugs, Julia


  1. Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦
    Pucker Butt Company. Funny. I'd buy it just because of the name.
    Your gardens look so lovely. I have a green thumb but have no luck with roses. Yours are all so beautiful.
    Happy Canada Day to you.
    Hugs 😊

  2. Happy Canada Day Julia!!! Love your flowers not so much the hot sauce. We are wimps and use very little spice.
    I do love that name though.

  3. I love and enjoyed looking at your vegetable garden. Everything look neat and the vegetables are going well. Your flowering are beautiful too!

  4. I hope your Canada Day was wonderful! You are funny, powered by hot sauce! I think you are pretty powerful all on your own!
    Your garden looks fantastic, Julia. Everything reflects your sweet hardworking heart.

  5. You have a lovely garden, flower beds and yard. Where do you find all that energy to maintain everything? I want to order a bottle.

  6. Hi Julia,
    Happy Canada Day!!! Guess that hot sauce is just what you need for more energy!! Reminded me of Popeye and his spinach!! Your gardens are just so HUGE and your certainly do have a green thumb!! Your flowers are just GORGEOUS!!! What CAN'T you do???? I'm sure that new calf is adorable!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend, my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. You gave me a laugh with your hot sauce sweet Julia and the power it gave you. My son and DIL would probably love it but I am a mild hot sauce eater. I am just in awe of your beautiful yard and flowers and your garden looks great. Happy Belated Canada Day. Hugs

  8. Oh Julia, you go girl with your hot sauce - power up!! Man my palate is way too sensitive for hot sauce, I'm a mild maybe medium type but dang if that sauce can be a power booster perhaps I can train my mouth to tolerate it haha. Holy cow your flowers and garden are incredible. You truly have to be one of the hardest working woman I know - calving, gardening, mowing and the other millions of things you do. You are an inspiration to live up to for sure!! Have a great week Julia.
    Hugs :)

  9. Happy Canada Day! Enjoy:)
    Pucker Butts - that company is based just miles from my house. I've been to the storefront many times:) So cool that you love their product. Let me know if ever you want me to pick up something for you there:) I pass it often:)

    Your farm is such a beauty. And I love the noble way you live. Thanks for sharing your dailyness with us here - it's a joy:)


  10. So many beautiful flowers! I love the variety of bright and happy!
    Yes. Sometimes I think I'm too tired to start anything... and then sometimes just get started is all that was needed.
    Hot sauce on spaghetti sounds yummy!
    Happy Canada Day!

  11. Happy Canada to you! We used to have a nurse who was from Canada and we would celebrate CD with her at work..I think I blogged about it a few years ago. She's moved on to greener pastures so I'll just celebrate with you! Your yard and gardens are fabulous! You need to get the gazebo relax ready for you to sit and enjoy that beautiful view. Hope your weekend was great!

  12. Beautiful. I agree, gardening is hard work. I also agree, fresh veggies and lovely flowers are worth it.
    I love the last photo. I like how you captured the rain drops.
    I enjoyed the Power Sauce story ;-) cute! Do the grandboys like hot sauce?

  13. You are definitely my soul sister. We love hot sauce and peppers. There is so much you can do with them! We are going to have to look into this one! Their name does add some intrigue! I need to get some of that power! I have so much to do!

    Your roses are gorgeous. I only have a couple of roses. I love them, though.

    It is always good to see your posts. I have just not been online much. I get behind so quickly! Chloe Jo is still in the hospital. Her system is not working right. They have been trying to flush her system. Now, she isn't eating.

    HUGS & love to you & yours!

  14. Wow! I just love your yard and your garden is so lovely. We moved about 5 months ago and we didn't get a garden in at all this year. I'm sad.
    You can tell that all you do is a labor of love.

    The hot sauce.....sounds like a hilarious gift to give.

  15. You wondered what I thought of the Gator Squeezins hot sauce. I'm not sure what stuff that gets squeezed out of a gator has to do with spicy hot, but if that sauce came out of a gator then it would have a Screamin' Sphincter (which is the name of another hot sauce).

    I find that a lot of the extremely hot sauces don't have much flavour, just a lot of heat. But this one has a good aroma and flavour. It's definitely up there on the heat scale. A little goes a long way.

    Christine and Joe have brought other sauces from the Ottawa Market made by John Lubrun ( that were more in the middle range of heat but had a wonderful range of flavours. There were peach-based and mango-based ones, as well as others. Those sauces disappear quickly. They are great in or on omelettes. I just checked and we have 19 different kinds of hot sauce at the moment (if you count Tabasco as a hot sauce). Jackie’s and my current favourite is this one: It’s made in PEI.

    1. Wow, 19 different bottles of hot sauce is a lot. I'have a few favorite flavourful favourite too. Heartbreaking Dawn is one of them and I think the other is Greeneye Envy.
      I'll have to check up on that site.
      Hugs, Julia

    2. About 10 of the 19 are just so damned hot that they don't get used up very quickly, so over time they accumulate. About 8 of them are, you could say, "actively in use".

  16. Julia your garden is beautiful!!! I wish we got more rain in southern California. Everything is going low water in my garden.
    Anything hot burns my tongue. My Nana use to make hot tamales at Christmas which were so hot I couldn't eat them so that cured any thoughts of spicy foods. Hugs cheri

  17. Julia, I would not have guessed you to be a hot sauce person! Chili powder &cayanne pepper is my norm. Glad you get a jolt from the hot ones! lol
    Your garden is beautiful & it must be oh so fragrant too! You have so many varieties of roses, just beautiful!!
    The lawn is such a chore this time of year & the rain, really helps it grow. Congrats on the new baby calf!
    The Tall Ships arrive tomorrow in Miramichi & we're going to get some photos as they pass in Miramichi Bay. So glad Bill's going to see them too. Enjoy the simple pleasures of summer & find a seat in the gazebo & a tall cool drink ... you deserve it!

  18. My dear Julia! I.apologise for not realising you posted! You aren't showing up in my feed!
    The hot sauce sounds nice- I like hot food so I wonder how id get on with it?
    It's Amazing you ended up with a sudden burst of energy to do the lawn. I often think it is a case of 'Once you start, you can't stop' with gardening. I had that yesterday!

    My! Your garden is looking amazing! What neat layout and great variety too!
    I apologise for missing your posts!

  19. Hey Julia, I've been waiting ages for you to post and it was a real beaut to read. We have hot sauce over here too and I love it. It tastes great. The garden looks great. You must be very proud of it. A groom read. I can't wait for the next post. A belated Happy Canada Day! Let's hope the weather picks up for you.

    Hugs Treey


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  21. I have read some of your blogposts and thought they were good.

  22. Beautiful. I agree, gardening is hard work. I also agree,'