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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Friday, September 1, 2017


August is always a busy month on our farm. Hay has been plentiful this year.  All our barns are full. s      There are still a few fields that are cut but the hay will be left in the field.   There has been a lot of activity like building a new tarp barn. This time George put the tarp on with the help from his friends 
 .and they did a great job despite of the wind shifting to give them a hard time instead of helping them

This year one of our local plant nursery gave George a lot of plants they had overstocked and he planted everything. We have so many tomato plants, squash, cucumbers and some other veggies beside what I have in my little garden. A friend gave potatoes so he planted those too.

This year I haven't weeded his veggies simply because I have already way more than I can do.

We had hoof trimming for the cows or maybe it sounds better saying the cows had a pedicure.
We had the milk inspector coming to check each cow individually to see how well they are doing, then we had the vet coming to do herd health to check on which cows are pregnant and which one needs to be dried off before they calve and we had dehorning of the calves.  Just so much to do.

We also had visitors who have now returned home  and I've been weeding and clipping the badly damaged spruce hedge.I had to stop trimming when it got too dry and when we got a good rain, I resumed pruning. It's slow going , one branch at a time.  I'm getting closer to finish if I wasn't chased in by the rain. Unfortunately the trees by  by the road were so badly damaged that I had George remove 4 of them.

I've also been picking high bush blueberries for my neighbour next door  who no longer can pick them because of her bad knees. I think the blueberries are pretty well done for this year. I haven't had much time for blogger or for myself. I rush in to get meals ready and rush out again and it's time to go feed and bed the calves. I've had lots of calves lately.

Daylilies are almost finished blooming and soon will be making Lady Ashburnham pickles for George. He's loaded up the truck full of cucumbers for the church ladies to make pickles and they have made a lot so far.

The sun came back out just to tease me after the rain got me wet.  Only half and hour before I have to return to the barn. Did I mentioned the flies are bad this time of year. I have difficulty keeping up destroying them. Cold weather should slow them down...

I started this post last week but I'm having difficulty with my old computer as the curser is working in fits. So I'm having difficulty updating the events...  I can't get rid of that s  on the first line... My photo library is full and it's difficult writing a post.
I may just need a new computer very soon. Grrr... My pictures are few this time.

I can't believe that September is here and it feels like October.
Thanks for stopping in.  I so appreciate your comments.
Happy Labour Day
Hugs, Julia


  1. you are always so busy I hope things are slowing down now for you how nice you picked those blueberries for your neighbor.

  2. Happy Labor Day to YOU, Julia! You ARE busy, dear one. I hope a wee rest is coming your way very soon.
    Yay for lots of hay! God be with you, JB.

  3. Hi Julia,
    Oh my goodness!!! I felt exhausted after reading your post!! I don't know HOW you do it all???? You are one AMAZING WOMAN and I take my hat off to you!!! I also hope a rest is coming your way, my friend!! You certainly have earned it!!! The pictures of the hay are soooo impressive, too!!!
    Take care and hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. That is one HUGE tarp barn.
    You are always so busy. I hope you get a break soon. You so deserve it!
    Hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Julia, for you, EVERY DAY is a Labor Day! I always enjoy reading about your busy life. Surely your daus have more hours in them than mine. I don't have time to do a fraction of what you do. Thank you for squeezing in time to post!

  6. You wore me out just reading about all you've been doing. I've been but nothing like you.
    I'll go ahead and wish you a Merry Christmas now:)

  7. My goodness, you have been so busy. I always liked it when the cow hoof trimmer came around. It was like a barn raising in a way.My Dad would do a huge BBQ and everyone for miles around came. Thanks for that memory, I had forgot about it until I read that in your blog. Those blueberries are wonderful Yes, September is here. I am so glad. You are always so busy and computers they do drive me crazy sometimes. Have a lovely Sunday.

  8. Whew! need a vacation! :-) I don't know how you keep up with all of it! You could probably have neighbors visit to pick their own...that should help with the surplus of tomatoes, potatoes and such from your extra garden. So much to do and it seems winter will be early this year. We have fall like weather here in central NJ as well. This morning was mid 50's Fahrenheit. Brought down a couple of flannel shirts from the attic! lol! We're usually still wearing shorts this time of year. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy Sunday as a day of rest! Hugs!

  9. Hi Julia, it's hard to imagine how busy you have been. Nice blog to say what you've been up to.

  10. Hi Julia,
    You have been busy as a bee!! I do enjoy when you blog. I find your posts always interesting. It helps me learn a bit about your area of the world as well. :-)
    Sending lots of love for September as harvest gears into high speed. That is what I am busy doing. Harvest season is here so I am busy canning, freezing and dehydrating.

  11. Wow Julia, you have been working incredibly hard! What a great amount you have achieved in spite of unhelpful rain! I hope the calves and cows all had a fit bill of health! It is good that you gave the cucumbers to the church ladies and good you had such a bounty of plants and fruits.from those plants. I do hope you had a chance to enjoy the sun at some point. The tarp barn is impressive!
    I.hope you got to enjoy some of those blueberries too!
    Hoping the computer isn't too dead!
    Sending you many hugs!x

  12. You've been so busy! I hope you soon have some time for you...but I know how life on the farm goes. That really is one nice tarp barn! Is that where you store your hay?

  13. Wonderfully instructive and inspiring post, Julia. The tarp-barns look great --without a hint of wind-blown asymmetry. I built a pole-barn here 30 years ago and had to take predominant winds into account even though it's roofed and sided in corrugated steel. Structures that large are the product of a lot of thought --and work. You are remarkable. Please remind autumn not to neglect California.

  14. Wow! I'm exhausted for you just reading your post! You are Superwoman, Julia! You deserve a nice new computer! Sarah

  15. Oh, Julia, I had kept this to respond, and then lost it in the week that was chaos! I wish I were there to help you. I am so far behind on things here. You are my hero. You do so much, all of it life stuff! And you do it well, from your heart. You rock, lady! HUGS! I have an email I am working on for you. I hope to get it out tomorrow, after I mow. HUGS!

  16. Whew! I'm exhausted too!! how do you do it all! You are an amazing woman and one I aspire to be like. Your husband did a great job on the hay tarp, looks so nice and tight! I'm so glad you took the time to compose this post as it's always good to know how you are doing - I do agree you need to treat yourself to a new computer, or heck, Christmas is right around the corner, it would make a great present!!!
    Take care
    Hugs Saimi

  17. Isn't it the truth...and not only Sept. already but about the middle of. It is so nice when friends come to help. You are sweet to pick the blueberries for your neighbor. You all have sure been busy to say the least. Sorry you had to have George cut down some of the is sad when we loose trees. I just do not know how you keep up with all you do but you sure do a good job of it. The holidays are going to be here before we know it and I am not ready for that. Sorry to hear you may need to get a new computer but if you do I bet you enjoy it. Take some 'me' when you can sweet Julia. Love and hugs

    1. That should have been 'me time' sometimes what is in my brain don't make it to my fingers. lol

    2. Hello Dear Julia,
      Such a long time since I have visited with you. I see my friend your as busy as the last time I was here. lol
      I have not had internet for a while now and today I hooked up with a hotspot on my phone so I could have my computer again. I
      do hope I can get back into blogging if not but to visit with friends.
      I think of you often and wonder how you are doing.
      I am still out here on the NORTH forty working almost as hard as I once did. But have had to slow down.
      Enjoyed reading about your gardening and cows. Like I mentioned you are still hard at it.
      Hopefully one day this week I can come back and read older post and catch up more.
      I know its already cold there. We are still in our hot temps but have been lucky this past week with cooler mornings.
      Hurricane Harvey was horrible and clean up out here will be long process but nothing like my friends and family along the coast line.
      Talk again soon.

    3. Dear Maggie, it's so incredibly nice that you stopped by for a visit. I sure hope that you come back again to blogging. I've missed you terribly.
      Hugs, Julia

  18. Olá,
    amei teu blog, cheio de coisas interessantes. Plantei essa fruta, estou esperando pelos frutos.

  19. Your post reminds me of that hymn "Prayer of Thanksgiving"
    You just live in such bounty all of the time. You are busy and giving and kind and share that where ever you go. Everything is more beautiful after you have been there.

    Yes....Fall has arrived!

  20. OMGoodness, that is one very large tarp barn for the hay! And my visit with you has me gobsmacked at just how busy you keep yourself Julia! Your a wonderful person & neighbour, your eyes are so forward seeing everything that is needed to do & you get it done. You must fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow! Do take sometime to enjoy what you have, like that gorgeous gazebo of yours! A nice glass of wine & the time to embrace our beatiful Fall... no bugs after the first frost. Take care, enjoyed my visit with you!

  21. Hope you are well dear Julia. xx

  22. Happy Fall! You are one super busy lady...I can't believe all you accomplish! I hope the season gives you a moment to enjoy it and you can take a little breather...Have a good week Julia!

  23. Julia I know the feeling! There is something for me to do always!!
    This weekend I am baby sitting my little grandson.
    I am trying to catch up with my blogging. Life seems to be on a quicker pace. I had two quilts in the San Diego quilt show and two hooked rugs.
    I have two rugs I am working on presently.
    Keeping busy is probably good to keep our thoughts occupied.
    Big hugs!cheri

  24. Hi, sweet Julia. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on the walkingstick post. I hope you and your family are doing well. I hope to get back into the groove of blogging and other things soon. So much going on right now in my life. Love and hugs dear friend.

  25. Adoro mirtilos e os da foto estão apetitosos. Bom fim de semana.

  26. Hi friend. Oh how I've missed it here.
    Hope your computer issues are sorted; it's such a stressful thing having computer woes.
    I love your farmlife sharing and the way you live close to the seasons and soil. And those blueberries.....swoon:)
    Thanks for being a voice of beauty in this earth,

  27. Just wanted to say "Thanks for stopping by." Hope all is well with you and yours. Those barns are impressive as is the bowl of blueberries.

  28. I miss your blog...I'm in Phoenix, AZ

  29. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Loves and hugs!

  30. Hi, sweet Julia I hope all is well with you and the family. I came by to wish you a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs Mags

  31. Merry Christmas to you Julia! I hope the holidays find you healthy and content. Love you.

  32. Thanks for keeping in touch and stopping by so often. I miss reading about your life, but I know it's a very busy one, so I understand.

  33. Sweet Julia I hope you and your family have a very blessed year in 2018. Hugs

  34. I'm glad you got your computer problems resolved. That can be soooo frustrating.

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