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Friday, May 1, 2020


I love homemade bread but during this Covid-19 pandemic, it has been impossible to buy yeast at our Co-op store. The shelf is empty where the yeast used to be. Thankfully on March 16, I had found several Fleishman's Pizza yeast in little packets. I shared what I bought with my granddaughter Jordyn. I didn't worry because I figured that I could buy sone later when the store replenished its shelves.

 Two weeks ago, I went on-line for a recipe for Ciabatta bread and came upon a video of making Artisan bread. The recipe only uses 4 ingredients. 12 oz of water, 1 1/2 teaspoon salt,  1/4 teaspoon of yeast and3 cups of flour to make a batch of bread.

I mix cool water, the yeast, salt, and flour and in about a minute the dough is done. No need to knead the dough.  The bowl is covered with plastic with and left on the counter overnight to rise. The next day, the sticky dough is removed from the bowl and the dough is shaped in either rolls or loaf and let rise for about an hour and a half or two hours.  In no time I have fresh artisan bread on the table.

There are variations to this recipe. This blob took me about a minute to make.

I baked these small sandwich rolls for lunch and before they were cool enough, my husband had eaten one.

I have another flowerbed cleaned up.

This is a before picture and the creepy grass was growing over the border bricks and by the shed, a very thorny rose bush in need of severe pruning.

Here is the flowerbed afterward. I pulled a lot of nasty Creeping Charlie.  The soil is depleted and I need some good weedless compost.  You can see where the yellow creepy grass is on the lawn.

 Not shown, the Clematis on the shed has been cleaned up and again, all the dead debris has been put into bags for mulch.  Last year, the flood lifted up the trellis off its perch and now it has to be put back properly. I was up the ladder again but I was very careful.  I also cleaned up the debris from my vegetable garden in the back and saved the debris for mulching but I'm still not done.

The river is supposed to rise again this weekend. It usually goes up three times before it settles down.
We are also supposed to have rain this week.

Stay calm and hopeful.
Hugs, Julia


  1. Hi Julia,
    Hope you are able to find more yeast at the store!! I haven't looked for any at our store, but may since I love the look of those rolls and would love to try some!! I know your house must have smelled wonderful!! Looks like you are still making progress in your yard! You sure do have a lot of gardens to take care of!!! Hoping the river doesn't rise to high and you don't get too much rain!! We sure could use some and wish you could send it our way and we would send you plenty of sunshine!!!
    Take care and keep trusting and hoping!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  2. You have been busy - and productive.
    Yeast (and flour) have been in very short supply here too but both are slowly making their way back into the stores.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  3. your gardens are looking wonderful. Most people in the King Arthur flour world are making their own sour dough I did for awhile but I have lots of yeast so I used it up.

  4. Hi Friend,
    The gardens look wonderful. The bread looks good and I would be like your husband, I would steal one and eat it before it was cool.
    xx oo

  5. Oh that bread looks so yummy. Makes me want to try baking bread (something I have never done), but I'd probably end up eating all of it myself...slathered in butter.
    Prayers that the river does not flood you once again.

  6. I have some yeast in my freezer and today I saw some yeast in the store and grabbed some. Jack asked if I was making anything with yeast and I had to admit I just bought it because I heard there would be a shortage. (I only took one pack!) Is that hoarding? I hope not! I'm going to make that recipe you posted here...I'm excited to try it out! Your flower bed looks beautiful. I'm going to work outdoors in a few minutes. First mow than do more cleanup work in the gardens. It's really never done is it. Anyway, have a good weekend and I'm telling you what I tell anyone on a ladder...Ladders are evil! Be careful!

    1. Hi Yaya, I was thinking of what you said before about ladders being evil when I mentioned that I was up the ladder again, lol.
      Hugs, Julia

  7. Your rolls look yummy. Cannot find yeast here either. Janice

  8. I think that even I could make that bread. But no way could I work as hard as you do outside. I can tell how much you love your garden. I hope that river stays where it's supposed to and doesn't flood you again.

  9. Hello Julia,
    I always wondered how much the river went up and then down. Your beds look good. I guess I don't know what creeping charlie is. I think the first week, here when all of this stuff started there was no yeast or baking powder or even baking soda. I thought that was so weird. Since I always buy it in bulk I had some. Your rolls are lovely. I have thought about about just making some sourdough starter. I also made some salt rising bread and it was wonderful. Everyone really liked it. I can't wait until your peonies start blooming. You have the most magnificent blooms.
    I started reading Anne's House of Dreams last night. I really wish I could come see all of those places sometime. I bet I could go to your place too.
    Have a lovely day.

  10. Oooh, I wouldn't have been able to wait either- those rolls look aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!!!! We're onto our last sachet of yeast and can't find any anywhere-ahrgh!!!

  11. You're a good baker! I'm so glad I have two jars of bread machine yeast in the refrigerator. I've made cinnamon rolls and French bread. I'd like to make some rolls. Today it was cake for James. I'm so glad I put the leftovers in the freezer. I'll thank myself later! Take care. I hope the river doesn't rise.

  12. Mmmm....those rolls look so yummy! I'd like to have one for breakfast, please! :-) Thanks for sharing the recipe....seems easy enough! Much improvement with that flower bed. We have creeping charlie here's all through my lawn.

  13. Celebrating the work of your hands over here:) I'm amazed at the yeast rolls! Gosh it's been years since these hands have rolled out dough. You go:)
    Your creativity is a thing of beauty,

  14. I hope you are well dear Julia! Happy Pentecost!
    P.S. someone dropped a box of Yeast through our door this morning! I was so happy!

  15. Your homemade bread looks delicious and your garden is neat.
    Hopefully later it will be filled with blooming flowers.

    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Wish I couls find yeast here too. Janice