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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 The other day, I was reading some old posts on my blog and felt nostalgic toward my old blogger friends who no longer post on their blogs or comment. I'm so thankful for the faithful blog buddies I still have and they are a varied bunch, but the list has shrunk through the years.  We are all getting older and me included and I'm missing my good old blog buddies and I wonder how they are. I know, sometimes, life gets in the way and we pull back.

                                                  A recent selfie of me, wrinkles and all.

 I don't know about you but I miss them and I think about them often. I remember how I enjoyed reading their blogs each week. Many were so creative and some had their own businesses, some were great rug hooking teachers,  some were so entertaining, others were so witty,  some funny, some shared their journey with their elderly parents to the end, some shared their travels and discoveries, some were so generous with their talents and ministries.

 It wasn't so much about what they had to show us but just having the connection with them. Sharing our joys and sorrows, our families, our little victories and fun happenings, our crafts, and whatnots. You guys don't know how you are missed even though we haven't even met in person. Having your comments in the comment box was pure gifts every day. I did get to meet some bloggers in person and, what memorable joy that was for me. Now, most of us who still blog, only post now and then.

I also met some great bloggers on Rug Hooking Daily, a free online forum for rug hookers and we shared a lot on that forum and got to know many talented artists. Unfortunately, Rug Hooking Daily was sold and the content changed and for me, it was like a burlap bag rug foundation that couldn't hold the design of a once beautiful rug.  Feeling frustrated, I decided to pull out because it didn't feel like a sharing forum anymore where we cheered each other on. I miss that too. Every morning, there was a question and everyone took part in the forum. So much fun sharing.

I know that every time Blogger updated something, I would lose some followers because they couldn't figure out how to navigate blogger and would get frustrated, others moved on to other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and maybe Twitter, some had computer issues.

 I would like to put an appeal for some return visits if you are reading my blog or even an email just to let me know how you are doing during this period of Covid restrictions, even possibly reconnect.

I know some had serious health issues,  some have passed away from cancer, some have had great losses in their lives, some got extra busy and some had other reasons to pull away but I really miss you all and would like to hear from you even once in a little while. It feels like I've lost some very close friends forever...

I'm sure other bloggers are missing those followers who have stopped commenting for whatever reason.

I sure hope everyone is still well and doing great even in these challenging times. I'm thinking of you.

Thanks for your comments. They are precious gifts to me. 




  1. I know. Bloggers can become very dear to us can't they? Including those that we have never met,and probably will never meet in the flesh.
    I learn from bloggers, I marvel at the things they show me, I laugh with them and I have wept with and for them too.

  2. Funny to see this post of yours tonight, Julia, as I was just thinking today of a couple of bloggers and wondering what happened to them. My huge maple out front - which is one of the very last to change colors - is changing and shedding and one particular blogger loved it so that I named called it her tree and posted photos of it yearly. I also miss the challenges and "chains" that some of us did. It was a time commitment, but it also forced me to take time then for me and things I enjoyed. And, as you said, it really didn't matter that we all shared the same style or tastes or even was the connection. I guess that is what has always brought me back here. And you, pretty lady, are as beautiful outside as you are on the inside. ~Robin~

  3. I too miss those blogging buddies I met via my blog when I first started. It is sad. There are times when I feel I should stop, but blogging gives me an outlet to share my stories and my home and I will continue as long as I can. Janice

  4. Dear Julia, excuse my presumption (only been married 52 years) but I have lately considered a theory I don't like very much: Blogger has been in the business of selling advertisements on blogs that are different from Twitter and other forums pronounceable by birds. Google blogs were calculated to contain whole thoughts, complete sentences --human interaction. That's old stuff now, sadly "so last century, last year, last week". But you, my "blog-buddy" (I like that)are one with whom I elect to march shoulder to shoulder for whole thoughts and lives. Brava, Julia!

  5. I check in almost daily on the blogs I follow. Love following , reading and sharing

  6. You've said what I've thought for a few years now. It's been the same with garment sewers, quilters, embroiderers, knitters, crocheters, gardeners... all the categories I read. I started reading rug hooking blogs because it's another form of needlework I find interesting, not because I am a rug hooker. I will say some of those other platforms are easier - snap a photo, add a short thought, hit post, done. Maybe it's just me, but writing a blog post is Work. Writing coherent posts does not come easily to me. And it seems like blog posts call for more than a photo and comment. Or is it time to change that perception?

    I wish those bloggers I used to read frequently would come back. If nothing else, at least an official goodbye post if they didn't already.

  7. I am so happy you are still blogging! I, too, miss so many of my blog buddies and wonder what happened to them. I find blogging so much more personal than the other social media platforms. I have made so many friendships that I cherish and have actually met quite a few of my followers in person which is so very special.
    Sweet picture of you. I love that twinkle in your eye.
    Keep on blogging my friend.

  8. I've struggled more with blogging over the past 4 years when I've moved further from work so I have less time at home to blog and I'm always so tired that it's felt a bit hard to blog or comment.
    I do miss those hazy days of comments and regular post and all the fun and laughs that went with it. Do you remember how good you were at my What Is it? posts? Somehow, I've lost a lot of inspiration to do such things.
    It's lovely to see when you've blogged

  9. I miss the blog heyday, too...all the activity, the involvement. A few friends I still find on Facebook but I don't care for FB very much and it just isn't the same at all! I do think a Blog Renaissance is still possible, though! At least, that is my hope.

  10. I've been blogging for 13 years and I do miss those that just don't do it anymore. Of course some have passed away and that's always sad. You can become very connected to blog buddies even though we've never met. I always enjoy your thoughtful posts and I love that snap pic of you! You are so darn cute! I have thought of not blogging but it's like a journal for me and I will continue until I really just can't for some reason. I love my blog books at the end of the year too. I would certainly miss you Julia and constantly being amazed at how much you accomplish in a day! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Hello Friend,
    I do know what you mean, blog friends become very special. You are very special to me, for many reasons. You and I share the same values, we both know how important farming is to our countries and we enjoy gardening.. and really the list could go on.
    Sending you hugs and love, Carla

  12. I have been blogging a little over 10 years in the beginning there were a lot more posts in a month. Now I try to blog each week. I keep a notebook of thoughts during the week. So when I take a half hour to sit and blog each week I feel I have my thoughts organized. I love my blog and my blog buddies I just can't see me stopping any time soon. Like you I wonder about all those that use to blog and where are they.
    I have met several of my blog buddies and they were as wonderful as I thought they were.
    PS love your picture.

  13. I have not blogged, but I enjoy reading certain blogs and also come to feel a certain attachment to some of the bloggers. I have noticed that while some pages are still up, they are no longer added to. This is especially frustrating when they stopped almost in mid sentence promising more "next time", but that time has never come. I enjoy this blog because I share values with Julia and admire her for speaking out about her beliefs. Colleen

  14. I know what you mean, Julia. It went on (frequent blogging) for many years. I miss it, too.