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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of three. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and will have been married for 57 years this February.

Thursday, November 17, 2022


 Today November 17, already.  How can that be? Time is slipping so fast, it makes my head spin. November is my birthday month and I noticed that I'm not getting any younger but that's how it's supposed to be according to the natural law. I'm trying to live my life the best I can with what I've got and do as much good as I can while I still can and have some joy in the process. It's a choice I make while the world is turning the wrong way.

I looked in my iPhone library for recent photos of what I've been up to in November and I'm getting slack about taking photos. Here's what I found.

My slow progress on Madonna of the Street. I dyed some wool for the background and I'm trying to get it to look dark but not too dark. I started with a color around the outside of the halo and now I think I might have to change it as it not what I had envisioned. I'm satisfied with the rest of the mottled dark. I may leave the color in and change the direction of the loops. 

I baked these Jam jam cookies but instead of rolling the dough flat and putting raspberry jam in between the layers, I did it  the lazy way and make them as thumprint cookies. My husband love molasses cookies. The raspberry jam came from  Eric, a friend who has a raspberry patch. 

Some of my blogger friends share beautiful sunrise and sunsets on their blogs but I never take time to do that until now.  Darkness comes so early and I captures this just before the sun dissapeared for the night.

I had two Halloween pumpkins which wasn't even carved and I didn't want to waste them so I saved the seeds and stems and made pumpkin preserves with the rest. I don't usually make pumpkin preserves. If someone want to use these stems, just let me know.

While washing the seeds I couldn't help but see the pattern and movement in the seeds. It reminded me of hooking a background on a rug.

I made two batches with a Bernadin recipe I found on line. It has pineapple and golden raisins and lemon juice. My husband loves it. 

By the time I cut the second pumpkin, I ran out of white sugar and decided to do make due with what I had and used light brown sugar. I made my own recipe and used less sugar. It was pretty good and not as sweet. I put the bottles through a boiling bath in the canner for 25 minutes to finish off. I can't believe I'm still canning in November.

Some people have started decorating for Christmas so I put my Christmas wreath on the door but no picture. Our snow is almost all gone but is still hanging on. 

Stay warm, safe and happy. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


  1. I really love your work and your industry. Happy birthday month.

  2. How will you use the pumpkin?
    Nice sunset. Your madona is beautiful you are coming close to the end.

  3. Hi Cathy, I eat the pumpkin preserves on buttered toasts, it's a little runny but tasty. My husband like to eat some from a ramekin.

  4. Your Madonna rug is beautiful and love the mottled background too. Those cookies look so good it made my mouth water, lol.

  5. There’s so much to love about this post - the beautiful rug, the delicious raspberry cookies and preserves, but most of all just catching up with you on one of your normal busy fall days. Happy birthday to you. It’s my birthday month too, which makes the month kind of special for both of us. Mary @ Hilltop Post.

  6. I’ve never had pumpkin preserves. I bought some locally and they had mold at the top so I couldn’t eat them. You’re just the Wonder Woman canner and woman of industry. Amazing! Your Madonna is almost complete. Beautiful

  7. Madonna is looking lovely!
    You are just the busiest person I know!

  8. May I have a cookie please. :-)
    I love how you created your recipe and it turned out! I made some pumpkin bread yesterday using a little pie pumpkin my parents grew.

  9. I love thumbprint cookies! So love your Madonna and Child. I thought you might have given up on it since we have not seen it in awhile. Glad you are still hooking it because I love it! It has been snowing ll day here and we are nestled in with fire going now. Hope you have a nice weekend! Janice

  10. Hi Julia! I'd never heard of pumpkin preserves but I love pumpkin so what could be bad about that?! Your Madonna is coming along so beautifully and I know it will be a favorite of yours when you're done with it. Many folks here have started decorating for Christmas but I wait until after Thanksgiving. Now if I lived in Canada and already had Thanksgiving I might be tempted to decorate earlier. I don't think Jack will want to move though if I say it's so I can decorate earlier for Christmas! I hope you don't get that awful storm heading for the East coast. We got just a dusting here but north in the Cleveland area near the lake they got dumped on...and they can keep it up north! Have a good weekend and stay warm and safe!

  11. Happy belated birthday Julia! You did well with those pumpkins- the cans look delicious! Your rug is looking really good! Ah, I think it is nice to have a wreath up for a long time. My mum twisted some hazel into a ring for us to make our own wreath so I must get started on that soon!

  12. Hi Julia, I enjoy your blog.


  13. So much! I love the cookies and preserves. You are a wonder! Happy birthday late and yay for Christmas!