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I'm a mother of four grandmother of seven and great grandmother of one. I have many hobbies and interests but gardening and rug hooking are my main interest at the moment. I live with my husband in the house that we built with the help of my brothers and have been married for 51years.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Wow,  how time flies when one is occupied. I just turned the calendar page and already it's almost time to turn it again. I've neglected my blog but I read all your comments and I'm very grateful that you care enough to leave comments.

It's hard to know where to begin, so much going on in my life and not enough time to post. Let see.... where to begin?... Well I documented some of the stuff I did but not all and I do have a short memory.

Oh yeah, a short memory... I turned 65 on Sunday and that's why I have a short memory. lol. I went out to breakfast with my husband and had a free breakfast at our regular restaurant. The rules are that you show proof of your birth date and you get a $10.00 off your breakfast, providing that there are 4 people at the table. Five of our regular group were away Sunday and we only had three people at our table but the waitress was so very nice that she gave  me a free breakfast anyway. I will not forget her at Christmas.

I took apart four wool skirts and one jacket and got lots of wool for my rugs. I assembled one of my UFO project and basted it. It's an applique cat wall hanging in memory of Kitty, one of our cat who had cancer.  I don't know when I'll get around to quilt it but at least it's a small project.

I made and froze 7 meat pies  for Christmas and two small individual meat pies with the rest of the dough  for supper. I was pressed for time because of the triplets visitors so I used the dough hook to make my pie crust this time and was pleased with the result and so much faster and easier. It worked fine for the meat pies anyway. This was the first time that I tried this.  Not as flaky of course  but still very good.

I mark the meat pies with a christmas tree so I don't mistake them with other frozen pies if I make some, ha ha...

I made two fruitcakes, in one I added almonds and the other has no almonds. I make these before and got the recipe from  1993 Canadian Living Christmas Book that my son  Vaughan gave me for Christmas. I love that cookbook. I'm lucky to have a spare apartment size fridge in my dye kitchen that I can store food in when the need arise.

I started to decorate the house for Christmas but only got a little done. Because I'm strapped for time today that's all I can share today. I'll have photos later.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I love hearing from you.   JB


  1. Cheri back to larkriseNovember 29, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    O.K Julia you are putting me to shame.Lol
    I have three projects and I am a little overwhelmed. I am glad the famous calves are doing well and I am so impressed how much stuff you get done.Cheri

  2. Julia ~
    Happy, happy belated birthday and many, many more.
    You are always so busy you make my head spin! I love the tree you put on your pie crust. Very festive.
    I am trying to talk myself into starting the decorating, but I am just not motivated to do so :(
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi Julia,

    i think you were a busy lady! And Congratulations with your 65th birthday!!!

    I'm glad that waitress was so sweet to give you your birthday breakfast!

    big hugs from Indiana

  4. Happy Birthday. I have a hard time believing you are 65....are you fibbing? Well, I can say after meeting you in person - you don't look it. You look fab. Glad the famed triplets are still thriving.

  5. Happy 65th birthday Julia!!! I am so glad you got to have a free breakfast. I knew I was having trouble figuring out how you had such old grand kids when you only look 50 You are a very busy lady and you can work circles around me. I hope your famous calves are doing great. Your fruitcakes and your pies turned out lovely. I just love your little kitty quilt.
    You are just amazing.
    Thanks for the update.

  6. Happy Birthday Julia! Oh you put us all to shame! Meat pies are one of David's favorite and I haven't even thought of making one.
    thanks for keeping us in the loop

  7. Happy Birthday!! Look at all you've been doing! Meat pies in the freezer, fruitcake made, appliques sewn, and continuing with the famous triplets hoopla! That fruitcake looks really good. I am one of the special few folks who love a good fruitcake. Glad to hear from you!!

  8. My goodness!! Look how busy you have been...you worked November away that's where it went. :) I love the wall hanging with the cat. Your pies look great. Happy Birthday!!! Hugs

  9. You get alot accomplished. How are the tripplets doing? Can't wait to see your home decorated for the holidays.
    Happy Birthday.

  10. Julia,
    Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a nice celebration!
    You are one awesome cook and so organized! That tree on the pies you freeze is a work of art! Martha Stewart better watch out!
    Lovely wall hanging of Kitty..... and a nice remembrance!
    Hope you are enjoying the days ahead decorating! Can't wait to see a few photos!
    Cathy G

  11. Happy Birthday, Julia!!!
    I'll be catching up with you in two months.
    Glad you had a nice meal out to celebrate.
    Love the little kitty quilt, and your baking looks yummy.
    You get more done in a month than I do in a year! You are so full of energy that it puts me to shame!

  12. Happy Birthday Julia!
    I got to see your interview on the CBC about the triplets and was able to tell my family: I know that lady, she is a blogger and a hooker!

    Slow down and take time to relax, you deserve it!

  13. Happy Birthday!! Wow you have been way busy girl!

  14. Happy B'day Julia ! ;-)
    It made me tired to read about all you've done.!
    I bet you don't waste any time watching TV,.. do you?
    I stay busy too and never have time for TV,.. but actually I don't even miss it! .. Ha! Ha!
    I'm glad I found your blog. .. It will inspire me to keep staying busy to keep up with you.. ;-)