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Monday, January 23, 2012


It's been ages since I blogged. It seems that I never have enough time to blog lately. I visit some blogs and leave comments on those who visit my blog first or those special blogger friends, we all have some that we bond strongly with for some reason or other.  Tonight, it's a short post for a change.

Last week was James first birthday and my daughter Christine sent me some photos.

Oh mama, bring on the cake, I'm the Birthday Boy.  What-is-that-on-the-cake?

OOh... it looks pretty....James wanted to touch the fire on the candle. He was more interested in the candle than the cake. 

Now how do I go about it. Let me see....  Ah, this is gonna be a piece of cake...

How do you like my blue finger nails. I think it pretty cool.I bet it's tasty too. I think that I may have a sweet tooth or two...

I told you it was gonna be a piece of cake.  Mama makes the best cakes. Now I hope that I don't have to wait another year for another piece. I know that she's saving some for the birthday boy.


Today was my husband George's Birthday.  I had so many errands to run all over town and no time to bake a cake,  I bought him a birthday cake and since he's a practical man, I bought him a big roll of duct tape. I didn't had my camera handy and he didn't want to wait for me to go get it. He dug right into the cake for desert. So I have no pictures.

This evening we were on the phone talking to my daughter long distance for a long time. She called to wish her dad a Happy Birthday. Then my son in law set up a conference call on Skype and we all talked again for quite a while, so of course, I'm late blogging.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment.  JB


  1. James is so precious and you can tell he is having fun getting into that cake.....kid's birthdays are so special.....

    Happy Birthday to your man as glad you guys got to SKYPE and have a good visit by internet.....Technology today is wonderful and helps us Grandmas stay in touch......

    Have a great week...

  2. How is he 1 already?!?! It seems like yesterday you were posting photos of him as a newborn. Time sure flies. Glad to see he is well. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Hubby!!!!

    James is adorable!!! Quite a handsome lil man!!!

    A store bought cake and a giant roll of duck tape. how cute!!! Wish you had taken pics...LOL

    God Bless~

  4. Happy Birthday to James and George! How neat that their birthdays are so close together!
    That James is soooooo cute and by the looks of that cake he is going to be a "good eater" as the scandinavians say around here! That is a good thing!
    Your pictures are wonderful Julia!
    Cathy G

  5. Gosh your baby is already a year old. I can't believe a year has gone by so fast. James is such a sweetie pie and I love these pic's. Sweet that their birthdays are so close together. I had to laugh at your gift to your husband. You are just so much fun to keep up with.
    I am so glad I came by tonight. Pictures of James always make me smile.
    Now I have to catch up with your other post since I was gone for a week.
    Can not tell you how glad I am to be back home. Don't get me wrong I love seeing new places but not like this. It was strictly a business trip for her.
    Love ya

  6. What a handsome child James is, Julia!!! You just want to pinch those pink cheeks!!! He looks so cute going for the cake!! And Happy Birthday to your husband too!! Birthday celebration are just the best celebration of life! Duck tape was a great present...fixes everything!!!

  7. PS.... Love your Iris header...makes me long for spring!!!

  8. Our grandbabies are just a few weeks a part. your James has the most beautiful eyes. My grandbaby doesn't like to get her hands dirty so she didn't dive into her cake.
    Duct tape made me laugh. They have very fancy duct tape now so did you get him the lepord print?
    I love your header too.
    Happy Birthday to both of your birthday boys.

  9. My goodness where did the time fly??? Happy Birthday to James and George!! The pictures are GREAT!!

  10. Happy first birthday James, and happy birthday George, may you celebrate many many more. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  11. What a handsome boy! Happy Birthday to him and to your George!!

  12. oh my what a nice looken little one! those grand babies are soo special. looks like he enjoyed that cake! hope the weather isnt to bad for you guys. its cold and the roads are bed up here in the north. im itchen to hook or sew so need to just let everything else go, so hard for me to do that tho...enjoy your day!

  13. Good Morning, Julia ;) .... ohhhhhhh James ... is he beautiful or what! HAhaaaaaa... duct tape? HAhaaaaaa

    did you wrap it? haaaa duct tape

  14. Happy Birthday to Baby James and George. James is such a cutie. I love those cake pictures. I had tolaugh at the duct tape. Our gifts to each other are alot like that anymore. Did he laugh? Hope you are having a great week.

  15. Beautiful pics of James with his 1st birthday cake, the icing matches those big blue eyes!
    Duct tape is all the rage with the men in our family too! what a practical, useful gift & he had his cake & ate it too!!

  16. just TO TO cute!!! look at those eyes!!! Birthdays are such fun no matter what the age, George with his cake too! You Go Girl... you are always having too much fun!!! Happy Birthday to James and George.

  17. Happy Birthday to both James and George!!!
    James looks like he is having a wonderful time digging into the cake!
    Did you give George a fork???

    Love the header! It's so lovely to think of spring durning these long winter days. The iris are stunning!

  18. That precious sweet James, I can't believe he is a year old. Where has the time gone.
    Happy Birthday James and George.

  19. So sweet. James gets cuter every day. He is changing - starting to look more like a toddler. He seemed fascinated by that blue frosting. And happy birthday to George also.

  20. Happy Birthday to George and James! Everytime we see James he is growing and changing as it should be, but it would be nice if that first year did not go so fast. I think Grandma you are right, a bit of a sweet tooth,but pretty neat he is not wearing much of the cake at all. Hope all is well with you and yours and have a great week.

  21. Julia ~
    I can't believe James is already a year old. A very happy birthday to him and hubby and may your hubby have many, many more!
    Hugs :)

  22. Hi Julia,What a handsome toddler ! A year wow that went fast! Happy Birthday to George and James! HUgs Cheri

  23. What a cutie James is and those pictures are just adorable. Happy Birthday to James and George! Hugs