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Thursday, January 3, 2013


My flight is book for February 25th to go be with my daughter Christine. Her baby is due in March but she thinks that the baby may be early and I need some time to get James to get used to be with grandma before the due date. James was two weeks early when he was born.

James drinking from a mug. Ummmm, I wonder if there's coffee in that mug because he takes a sip and says haaaaaaa after every sip, Just like daddy when he sips on a  cup of good coffee.

James like to help shovel snow with Daddy but is taking a little break from all the hard shovelling.

He sure did a great job even with only one hand. His shovel is very special.

Now the job is done, it's time to go in.

James is a happy little helper.

Here James and daddy are working on  decorating a gingerbread  choo choo train. James like tasting the chocolate candies before putting them on the frosting. Super heros have to take a break from saving people in distress and have some time to taste the little pleasures in life.

I can tell that Daddy is having fun too.

Now the choo choo train is done decorating and James is getting a bit hyper and started dropping the excess candy on the floor.

What a great job of decorating the gingerbread choo choo train. James is saying chooo choooo.

On the home front nothing much going on except that I was greeted with a
 new baby bull calf born January 2nd. It had been a while since we had new calf.
It's bitter cold still and I'm hoping that the weather will warm up a bit.
Stay warm and safe.


  1. Hahaaaa... superheroes are in such demand ... whew

    another calf in this cold winter? I thought spring was calving time... too cold to be born in the wintertime...

    Well? how exciting for you to be off for another grandababy! Mine should be here any time... due date the 15th ... and boy is she hoping for an early arrival! by the last couple of weeks of pregnancy ... we're ready to quit playing... I think so.

    James is soooooo cute

  2. He is just adorable. Love him in his snow suit. So glad that you can be with your daughter and help with James. COngratulations on the new baby.
    Yes, it is cold. I think we are going to get some warmer weather next week. Can't wait to hear more about the baby.

  3. wow james is going to be a big brother! He will love it.
    enjoy your time with your daughter,james, amdnew baby.

  4. omg! so exciting a new baby! im happpy for you all! james is going to be a big brother! i remember when your daughter was expecting james... time goes so fast! hoping the timing goes well for you all! spring calfing comes soon after that doesnt it? glad you are able to go and be with them!! such nice pictures of james and daddy! you can tell they are bonding nicely!! and having fun! enjoy your evening julia!!

  5. I feel much safer seeing those 2 super heroes. OMG their matching shirts are adorable. I'm so excited for James to get his new sibling. And James will be excited to have some Grandma time

  6. Julia,
    How exciting and such wonderful news that you are soon to be Grandma again! James is adorable and he will be so excited about the new baby brother or sister!
    The time flies so quickly you will be on your way!!
    It's been cold here too and the wood pile keeps going down quicker than we had planned! Will be thinking of you out in the cold taking care of those little calves!!
    Stay warm!
    Cathy G

  7. James is a cutie! I hope all goes well with your daughter and the new baby!

  8. Such a cute boy, grandma!!! And soon another one!!! Happy day!!

  9. How did I miss that James was going to be a big brother? Yep, after as fast as James made it into the world, I think you need to be there early. I am so glad you get to go do that. Your photos of James are always such kick. Such a special little boy.
    I guess right now it is bitter cold every where. Stay bundled up, thank you so much for my card. It brought tears to my eyes. I felt like you were right there and you hugged me. It was just wonderful.
    Have a nice weekend. At least you aren't having lots of calves. I hope.

  10. Oh, I'd love to give James a great big "squish" he is just adorable. How wonderful for you to be able to be there in person when the new grandbaby arrives, very exciting...Have a safe trip and keep us posted. Blessings, Julie.

  11. What a great big brother James will be...he is such a beautiful little guy! Wonderful that you will be there for such a special event!
    Brrr...stay warm!

  12. Julia ~
    What exciting news! Did you share that James was going to be a big brother? I don't remember reading that. February 25th will be here in an eyeblink.
    Such sweet pics of the superheroes. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  13. Now that is something wonderful to look forward too! James is adorable and it looks as snowy and cold at his house as it is at ours...stay warm and cozy!

  14. I'm so jealous, James is a cutie and you're going to get another Grandbaby. All my kids seem interested in are furbabies, just not the same. Love to see the new calf. After seeing all that snow, I think I'll stay in California.

  15. Great to see James the super hero! Enjoy your time with him and the new baby,how wonderful.Best wishes to expecting Mommy and Daddy.Stay warm and have fun!

  16. Choo-choooo! James is such a sweet little guy!!! :-)

  17. Adorable little James, love those beautiful eyelashes. What a great job he did shoveling all that snow. It warms my heart to see a dad spending time with his little ones. What fun it must have been to shovel snow and decorate gingerbread together. How exciting for all of you to have a new little one coming soon. Hugs

  18. That's some serious snow you got there!! :)

  19. Those shots are simply adorable Julia!!! And so exciting to hear about a new little one coming along. Happiest of New Years To You!!


  20. Don't we just love being Grandmas......James is adorable and he is going to love having you stay at his house.....I bet he will be a good big brother too.....
    Congratulations on anew grand baby on the way. Looks like 2013 is off to a wonderful start for you.....
    Thanks for your comments I appreciate them so much.

  21. I can't believe that James is so big already! They grow so fast. He looks adorable in his snow suit with rosy cheeks! Cute with look alike shirts to dads, too. And their gingerbread creation turned out spectacularly!

    He'll get used to you in no time but to be there early is a good idea. Everything at that age is an adventure.

    A new baby!?! You'll have a ball. Our youngest grandchild is soon to be three. I'd LOVE a baby again. Any of my kids listening out there??? Have fun Julia!!!

  22. I just am tickled for you to be going to see your precious James and to welcome a new grandbaby is really something.
    Can't wait for those pics.
    Love these new ones of James. Omg that is a lot of snow. Lol
    Could not handle it.
    Take care honey

  23. I hope you arrive safely
    and stay warm and well
    and that the baby comes easily
    and that joy wraps you all
    and love keeps you in His
    perfect care:)
    birthday blessings to you all,

  24. Julia! How fun! I must have missed somewhere along the way that you had another grandchild along the way! It bet you'll really enjoy yourself with James!


  25. What a wonderful way for you to start your year Julia, congratulations. Wishing you & yours the very best!
    Tight Hugs,

  26. That little James is so adorable!! I just know you will have a great time with him while you are there. I hope your experience won't be like the one I had with my daughter, Nikki. She was living in Caimbridge Mass. while her husband was in grad school at Harvard when she expected her second child. I wanted to be with her to help and like you, I was afraid the baby might come early so I went two weeks early. He was two weeks late and when he was born he was having difficulties, so he had to stay in the hospital for two weeks, and when we finally got him home, I stayed for two weeks more. It was in the spring and it was so terribly cold there, I almost died. I was never so happy to get home. He is such a fine and healthy young man now that you would never guess he had such a rough start. He is a proffessional musician and travels all over the world. It's a hard life, but he does very well.

    It has been such a long time since I have been on this computer. I have just been too busy to even think about it, but now I should have a lot more time. Still, I don't understand how some people have time to blog almost every day. I don't know how they do it. I spend as little time as possible as I'm not very fond of being on this crazy computer, even if it is new.

    I'm wondering how they will ever do without you on the farm when you go. I think it is great that you can get away. You are what I call a really hard working woman. Thanks Julie for your nice comment on my blog. You make such great comments and I love it.....and you too. I hope you and all your fmily have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  27. Love the pics of him shoveling snow....beyond adorable!